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Friday, February 29, 2008

BB DOC (ABO #025)


This much overlooked french band mixed punk, ska, rock, metal, chanson, fun and many more styles. Formed by Piéro Sapu (vocals, also singer with Les Garçons Bouchers and Docteur Destroy) and Drunk D'Alençon soon joined by Dominique "Moby Dick" Rivière (both on guitars, Mobydick later played in Les Garçons Bouchers and Pigalle) and various rythm sections, they released three albums on François Hadji-Lazaro's Boucherie Productions. This label also brought us bands such as La Mano Negra (featuring Manu Chao), Los Carayos (an all star folk band formed by musicians of the 80's french independant scene and, once again, featuring Manu Chao and the label's boss from Les Garçons Bouchers & Pigalle's fame), Les Tétines Noires (an indie dadaist industrial band I once posted on this blog) and many more great bands. BB DOC, though, has a special place in my heart. First, I was friend with them but mostly they were a terrific live act (one you don't meet too often) with Piéro doing the charismatic (yet funny and prompt to disguise) frontman. They started as a punk/oi band in the early/mid eighties, something that is not too obvious on their albums... "Jazz" (1989), their debut album, still has a few punk tunes but otherwise the only punk remains in the band's routine was the attitude and revolt which never stopped inhabting them. All albums are good, "Desintegraal" (1992, their second opus) is a bit more refined than "Jazz" was and "Rage de Raison" (1997) shows but little marks of what the band once was. They never got the success they deserved and called it quits a few months after this third and final album. Now it's time for you to catch up on a bit of french 90's alternative music, one too few are aware of. Have fun with BB DOC in this hour long selection of their finest cuts!


3.Lolo Ganzaman
4.Final del sol
5.Histoire d'eaux (Geno)
6.Les burnes
7.Pingouins !
8.Roule Marcel
9.Paye ! Paye ! Paye !

10.Passent les années
11.Skaman Luv

14.Jah ! Mais...
15.Le code vénal
16.Compte à rebours
19.Tirn aill
20.Ohé les copains


Anonymous said...


what about posting a selection of Jacques Brel's songs? You posted a huge collection of Brel's records on Moodswings some time ago, so there's no one better than you to ask... :-)

Thanks. Nick

S.F.P. said...

All in good time my friend.. ;)
And it wasn't a selection but Brel's whole discography... :)

Anonymous said...

do you have the lyrics of the songs of this band?, Id like to get it becouse its too dificult found information about this band
if you have :information:


S.F.P. said...

These are the lyrics for "Ohé les Copains". It was originally a Frehel song which BB DOC covered for a tribute album.

Ça faisait rudement longtemps
Qu'on était tous les deux
Moi j'avais dix-huit ans
Et lui dans les vingt-deux
Il m'a tout fait quitter
Mon père et puis ma mère
C'était pour me faire goûter
À toutes les misères

Ohé les copains
Venez vous rincer la gueule
Ce soir je suis toute seule
Il est mort ce matin

C'était un beau salaud
Qu'en foutait pas une rame
Pour un verre de pernaud
L'aurait vendu son âme
Quand il était bien saoul
Il me tapait comme une brute
Il connaissait de ces coups
On aurait dit de la lutte


Des fois il me trompait
Ces choses là ça m'écœure
Et quand il revenait
Il ronflait vingt-quatre heures
Pourtant y'avait des jours
Ça c'était une merveille
Il me parlait d'amour
Quand je rapportais ma paie


Mais je ne sais pas ce qu'il y a
C'est pourtant pas normal
Rien que de parler de tout ça
J'ai le cœur qui me fait mal
Ça c'est vraiment marrant
Y'a quelque chose qui cloche
C'est que quand j'ai eu vingt ans
Il m'a donné cette broche

(Dernier refrain:)
Aller les copains
Ce soir je suis toute seule
Je reverrai plus sa gueule
Il est mort ce matin

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Anonymous said...

what's the password of the file rapid share??? this song is great!!!!
i'm french and love Punk Oï!!!!

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