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Thursday, March 6, 2008

TRUST (ABO #026)


Very popular in France in the early 80's, Trust were the leading hard rock/heavy metal band there. Good friends of AC/DC and Iron Maiden with whom they toured (they even exchanged drummer with Iron Maiden, giving 'em Nico McBrain and recruiting Clive Burr), they were as close as possible to achieve a successful international career. Bad decisions from their management and the will to establish themselves in France for a long time (that failed by the way...) ruined those expectations.
The band released 5 albums between 1979 and 1984, the first four displaying a sweet heavy rock infused with hints of blues and Bernie's one-of-a-kind singing (mixing blues and punk). Socially rooted, their lyrics are the reflection of their time and a good picture of France's early 80's political situation. The first 4 albums are, in my humble opinion, excellent deliveries the fifth and last before the initial break up, more radio oriented, failed to gain new audiences to the band and lost them countless old fans.
They got back together in three occasions, the first time in 1998 for a short tour and an EP, the second between 1996 and 2000 for two LPs and a tour, the third in 2006 which, to this day, only was followed by a tour and a live album with a few new songs.
For this compilation, I deliberately choose to focus on their first era as it was when they truly meant something. I find the three reformations to be but a sad reflection of the band's past grandeur and, therefore I, didn't pick any track from any of the releases from theses times.
Now, enjoy Trust with 22 songs and a little over 90 minutes of their unique and entertaining music!

CD 1
Palace 5:27
Bosser huit heures 3:31
L'élite 3:57
Police milice 2:26

Ride On (AC/DC cover) 6:46
Toujours pas une tune 2:54
Antisocial 5:12
Monsieur Comédie 3:27
Au nom de la race 3:26
Saumur 5:54
Le mitard 5:14

CD 2
Les sectes 2:45

La grande illusion 5:46
Repression 3:40
La junte 4:50
Marche ou crève 3:56
Ton dernier acte 5:10
Par compromission 4:18
Varsovie 5:02
Idéal 4:27
Rock'n'roll star 3:48
Serre les poings 4:11


Conspiracy Theologian said...

Great stuff! Thanks for all of the work that went into this post.


Jon said...

Thanks very much. Always wanted to hear more of this band but never got around to it.