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Monday, March 30, 2009



In the beginning, Gwendal was a pure celtic instrumental band. The majority of their best selling albums are from that period, up to En Concert. On that live album, though keeping the celtic sound, Gwendal became much more 80s fusion oriented. For over a decade, that new sound changed their audience while decreasing at the same time as the albums (Locomo and Danse La Musique) were not very well written... Fortunately, at the end of the 80s, Gwendal came back to his celtic roots producing fresher music and improving spectacularly until 2005's War-Raog which is, sadly, also their last release to date. Would they have gone a little further they could very well have produced one of their best efforts... Until that happens, we'll have to do with this great collection of instrumentals. Enjoy !

My Gwendal TOP3 :
1. Rainy Day (1976)
2. War Raog (2005)
3. Irish Jig (1974)

My Gwendal BOTTOM3 :
1. Danse La Musique (1985)
2. Locomo (1983)
3. Pan Ha Diskan (1995)



This compilation is all about understanding the tremendous evolution that saw Talk Talk evolve from a good little new wave/romantic pop act to something I can only relate to geniuses such as Robert Wyatt or Scott Walker. How the hell did that happen?
Therefore, a lot of the singles that made Talk Talk a succesful band are missing here and I chose to focus on the more arty side of things.
From the winning hit Such a Shame is to progressive rock that will influence what was to be known as Post Rock, you'll have a taste of a band unlike others. One I dearly miss and see no hope of ever returning.

Happiness Is Easy

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Haaaa! Van Halen! Some hate their "big rock", others just can't get enough of it... I stand right in the middle as a critical amateur of their work. Sure, Alex always drums the same way. Of course, Michael Anthony, though not a bad bass player, has always been the weaker link. No doubt David Lee Roth is more of an actor singing than a genuine singer... All this is true as it is true that Edward Van Halen never invented tapping and is, therefore, a bit overrated... Nevertheless, Van Halen remains one of the best rock acts to have ever surfaced out of the U.S.A.
For Eruptions, I've selected the best of both worlds (aka 1 disc with David Lee and the other with Hagar and Gary "temp" Cherone) of what I feel is the band's most tasty material. All the hits are here plus a little bit more that, I hope, will help spice up the lot a bit. All the songs from the David Lee era come from the remastered editions while the other tracks have been reworked with Audacity & MP3Gain so to fit the bill.
Now, get that bad boy and... Rock on!

Hot For Teacher

Right Now

1 - Van Halen I (1978)
2 - MCMLXXXIV (1983)
3 - Diver Down (1982)

My VAN HALEN Bottom 3
1 - Balance (1995)
2 - III (1998)
3 - Women and Children First (1980)

Friday, March 27, 2009



Here's another great page in Metal History.
Sepultura was a major force in the death metal and thrash metal realms during the late 1980s and early 1990s, and their later experiments melding hardcore punk and industrial music with extreme metal provided a blueprint for the groove metal genre.

Sepultura have released eleven studio albums so far, the latest being A-Lex (2009). Their most successful records are Arise (1991), Chaos A.D. (1993), and Roots (1996), each of them having surpassed the one million mark worldwide. Sepultura has sold over 15 million units worldwide, gaining multiple gold and platinum records across the globe, including in countries as diverse as France, Australia, Indonesia, United States, Cyprus and their native Brazil.(source : Wikipedia)

My Sepultura TOP3 :
1. Roots (1996)
2. Arise (1991)
3. Chaos A.D. (1993)

My Sepultura BOTTOM3 :
1. Dante XXI (2006)
2. Morbid Visions (1985)
3. Nation (2001)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


25 FROM 5

Bauhaus are the founding fathers of goth rock, creating a minimalistic, overbearingly gloomy style of post-punk rock driven by jagged guitar chords and cold, distant synthesizers. Throughout their brief career, the band explored all the variations on their bleak musical ideas, adding elements of glam rock, experimental electronic rock, funk, and heavy metal. While their following has never expanded beyond a cult, they kept their cult alive well into the '90s, a full decade after they disbanded.
After Bauhaus' breakup, Murphy formed Dali's Car with Japan's Mick Karn and then pursued a solo career. Ash continued with Tones on Tail, a project he began in 1981; Kevin Haskins also joined the band after Bauhaus' split. J made some solo records and joined the Jazz Butcher briefly. Ash, Haskins, and J formed Love and Rockets in 1985 after a proposed Bauhaus reunion fell apart because Peter Murphy wasn't interested in the project. More than a decade later, however, with the careers of both Love and Rockets and Peter Murphy at a standstill, Bauhaus re-formed for several live dates in Los Angeles, mounting a full-blown tour in 1998 and finally releasing a new album.
Here's the best of this oh so influential and cult band, I hope you'll enjoy it.

She's in Parties

Hollow Hills

1 - Mask (1981)
2 - In That Flat Field (1980)
3 - Go Away White (2008)
4 - The Sky's Gone Out (1982)
5 - Burning from the Inside (1983)

Sunday, March 22, 2009



Is it really necessary to introduce Supetramp? With their handful of hits and numerous airplays, they must be one of the best known acts in rock history. Despite that, I really wanted to make their Baistophe. First because the best songs are not necessary their most famous, second because, even if their 1990 "Very Best of" was good, it shamefully avoided their firs two albums and, third because the official compilation was conceived with two seperate volumes: the "white" one with the happy tunes and the "black" with more serious material. I think this one avoids such flaws... Or so I hope...

Fool's Overture


My Supertramp TOP3 :
1. Crime Of The Century (1974)
2. Supertramp (1970)
3. Even In The Quietest Moments (1977)

My Supertramp BOTTOM3 :
1. Slow Motion (2002)
2. Some Things Never Change (1997)
3. Free As A Bird (1987)

Saturday, March 21, 2009



It took quite a long time for Alain Bashung to finally meet success. From his debut in a cover band at the age of 16 to his first hit (Gaby Oh Gaby) his struggle lasted 16 years. He also had ups and downs but his numerous fans never turned their back on him.
Never the kind of man to sell his soul for a hit, his uncompromised peculiar art helped him build a cult success in his down phases to finally become a living legend of French rock & chanson in the early 90s. Each time one of his tracks hit the charts, it was not because it had been heavily promoted or fashioned "à la mode du jour" but because it was an outstanding track which met and touched audiences and touching, Bashung was indeed.
Some will argue that he's never been a great singer and that is true and is also part of his charm and unique personality. Seldom did a French singer manage to change style (from his early bluesy chanson to his chaotic new-wavey pop to finally something that can only be described as Bashung-styled) without ever losing himself.
On the 14th March 2009, Alain Bashung passed away. He had lung cancer. We will forever miss him.
Fortunately for us, the music remains. Here's a tribute from Baistophe to this great artist.

Madame Rêve

Ma Petite Entreprise

1 - Fantaisie Militaire (1998)
2 - Bleu Pétrole (2008)
3 - Osez Joséphine (1991)

1 - Romans-photos (1977)
2 - Roulette Russe (1979)
3 - Chatterton (1994)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

RUINS (ABO #180)


Ruins is a Japanese experimental rock duo of drum set and electric bass guitar. The group, formed in 1985, was supposedly intended to be a power trio; the guitarist, however, never showed up to the band's first rehearsal, so the group remained a duo. The drummer is Tatsuya Yoshida and the group has featured four different bass players over its history.
The French progressive rock band Magma is the group's most important influence, to such an extent that Ruins' original lyrics are written and sung in an invented language which, at first glance, resembles Kobaïan, the language invented by Christian Vander of Magma. Ruins' material (which Yoshida, who composes the majority of their pieces, writes out in score form) is generally of extreme complexity and thus is often described as inaccessible - potential listeners may be bewildered by the band's unrestrained yet disciplined approach, or simply astounded by the visceral energy of the pair. In addition to the "prog rock" label, the group's music has also been described as "math rock" and "zeuhl." That said, Ruins' style has consistently evolved since the band's beginnings; this is often tied in with the bassist Tatsuya was collaborating with at the time.
Ruins have collaborated with several other musicians, including prominent avant-garde figure Derek Bailey, auteur guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino and Ground Zero alumnus Kazuhisa Uchihashi.
Sasaki Hisashi left the band in 2004, and since then Yoshida has been touring solo under the name Ruins alone.

(thanks to Pierre for the selection and upload!)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Tindersticks are a rock band from Nottingham, England. Their sound is characterised by a synthesis of orchestral backing, lounge jazz, and soul; the lush orchestrations of multi-instrumentalist Dickon Hinchliffe (who left the band in 2006) and the smoky baritone of lead vocalist Stuart A. Staples are the band's hallmarks. Tindersticks have employed electric guitars, as most rock bands have done, but augment their instrumentation with a wide array of instruments: Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, vibraphone, violin, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, bassoon, Hammond organ, and many more are prominently utilised in the music of Tindersticks. The band has a cult following in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, although their sound has never made significant inroads into the mainstream.
This selection has been lovingly crafted by Pierre. Enjoy.


Tiny Tears

Monday, March 16, 2009

RIDE (ABO #178)


With their first records, Ride created a unique wall of sound that relied on massive, trembling distortion in the vein of My Bloody Valentine but with a simpler, more direct melodic approach. The shatteringly loud, droning neo-psychedelia the band performed was dubbed shoegazing by the British press because the bandmembers stared at the stage while they performed. Along with their initial influence, My Bloody Valentine, Ride stood apart from the shoegazing pack, primarily because of their keen sense of songcraft and dynamics. For a while, the band was proclaimed the last great hope of British rock, but they fell from the spotlight nearly as quickly as they entered it probably because the promises of their first two albums quickly vanished away when they hooked on the brit-pop wagon.
Here's the best of this band's four albums, I hope you'll enjoy the "Ride"...

Dreams Burn Down

My Ride list
1 - Nowhere (1990)
2 - Going Blank Again (1992)
3 - Carnival of Light (1994)
4 - Tarantula (1996)

Saturday, March 14, 2009



USS is a new serie of various artists compilations. Unlike the VAC series, USS CDs gather bands that won't be easily baistophables, either because they have made only one or two albums, or because they didn't make enough material to fill a good baistophe compilation. Those USS will deal with only one style of music. The first one was the easiest one to make : Zeuhl. That kind of music, led by major band Magma (ABO#002) hasn't influenced that many bands but enough to fill a 3 CDs set. Represented mostly in France and Japan, Zeuhl music remained underground because of its agressive and mystic sounds.

Extracts :
Xaal : Jamais Tranquille

Dün : Arrakis

Setna : Tristesse

Friday, March 13, 2009



Cirith Ungol was a Californian heavy metal band who formed in 1972 and split up in May 1992. They drew influences from other metal groups such as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, as well as Iggy and the Stooges. Their first album, Frost and Fire, was closer to a hybrid between 1970s hard rock and metal with songs written by then bassist/guitarist Greg Lindstrom and drummer Robert Garven, but from King of the Dead and onwards they played a progressive rock influenced brand of doom metal with songs primarily written by vocalist Tim Baker.
17 years after their split, Cirith Ungol remains one of the cultest acts in metal, their name is still being whispered among metalheads as one of the best kept secret... For a reason! So, sure, Tim Baker's aggressive/raspy high-pitched vocals are an acquired taste (and major influence to many heavy/thrash vocalists too...). Sure, the "big names" are big for a reason but Cirith Ungol, with a little more chance and promotion could have been much bigger than it ever was.
Get a taste of the cult, get a shot of pure, uncompromised heavy metal, get Cirith Ungol's Better Off Dead!

Master of the Pit (1984)

1 - King of the Dead (1984)
2 - Frost and Fire (1980)
3 - One Foot in Hell (1986)
4 - Paradise Lost (1991)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Though he initially came to wider attention (at least in the U.K.) with No-Man, his long-running collaboration with Tim Bowness, throughout the 1990s singer/guitarist Steven Wilson gained as much of a reputation for Porcupine Tree. Embracing and exploring prog rock inspirations while always keeping an ear out for newer musical connections, thus sidestepping the pointless revivalism of many of the band's peers, Porcupine Tree has created some noteworthy albums and songs over the years, continuing full strength into the new millennium.
So, what about this "Moving Sideways"? It surely emphesizes on the later Porcupine Tree. Not that the beginnings of the band were noteworthy, they were, just that the recent works of the band actualy display more personality.This selection is the work of our friend Katonoma who did a fine job with it, including some semi-rare tracks and absolute essentials. All good, that goes without saying. Enjoy "Moving Sideways", it's a great introduction to an essential band.

Blackest Eyes (2002)

Katonoma's PORCUPINE TREE top 3
1 - In Absentia (2002)
2 - Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007)
3 - Deadwing (2005)

Katonoma's PORCUPINE TREE bottom 3
1 - On The Sunday Of Life (1991)
2 - Up The Downstair (1993)
3 - Signify 1996)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Black Oak Arkansas grew beside success. Although the name is known by lots of oldie rock, one can confess that hardly no songs of that band remain in mind. First because they weren't aired enough especially outside america. Second because of the the huge success of Lynyrd Skynyrd. No other southern rock bands had such popularity. Last, the singer's voice is very particular and may disturb the listener's concentration. However, I think Black Oak Arkansas was one of those great but rare southern bands that made great songs. Listen to the extracts to make up your mind.

Extracts :
Swimming In Quicksand

Fancy Nancy

My Black Oak Arkansas TOP3 :
1. High On The Hog (1973)
2. Black Oak Arkansas (1970)
3. Keep The Faith (1972)

My Black Oak Arkansas BOTTOM3 :
1. The Wild Bunch (1999)
2. Black Attack Is Back (1986)
3. I'd Rather Be Sailing (1978)



Last week, we noticed that there was two ABO missing but, in fact, this week there's a third one but it was not one we had forgotten but one that has disappeared. So here is the first re-uplaod of baistophe's history. No new introductory text but still some extracts to listen to.

My Fleetwood Mac TOP3 :
1. Rumours (1977)
2. Then Play On (1970)
3. Fleetwood Mac (1975)

My Fleetwood Mac BOTTOM3 :
1. Mirage (1982)
2. Time (1995)
3. Tusk (1979)