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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BLACK SABBATH, part 2 (ABO#022)

ROOM TO LET (1980-1998)

After Ozzy's departure, Black Sabbath was fronted by former Raibow singer Ronnie James Dio. Although he was a good singer (maybe better than Ozzy), hte albums weren't welcome as they were to be. Indeed, the fan basis blamed Dio to have repalced Ozzy's place. So after two albums he left to found his own band. After Dio's departure Black Sabbath fell into mediocrity. Even Deep Purple's Ian Gillan couldn't them out of oblivion : Black Sabbath had been an old fashionned band. So here will you find the less bad songs of the second era of that great band that was Black Sabbath. But if you'd ask me "What do you prefer in this second life ?" I'd say "Those with Dio" without any doubt, those three albums ("Heaven & Hell", "The Mob Rule", "Dehumanizer") are the only one of that period that I'd have no shame to advise you ...

1. Children Of The Sea

2. The Sign Of The Southern Cross
3. The Mob Rules
4. The Dark / Zero The Hero
5. In For The Kill
6. Hard Life To Live
7. Scarlet Pimpernel
8. The Eternal Idol
9. Headless Cross
10. The Law Maker
11. After All (The Dead)
12. Sins Of The Father
13. Evil Eye
14. Kiss Of Death
15. Psycho Man

My Black Sabbath (without Ozzy) TOP 3 :
1. Mob Rules (1981)
2. Heaven And Hell (1980)
3. Dehumanizer (1992)


Pierre said...

Youpi, je l'attendais avec impatience celui-là !!!!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

te réjouis pas trop vite (lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! BORN AGAIN with Gillan on board is an absolute gem! i'd say maybe better with Ozzy!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Gillan's Black Sabbath was much better live !