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Sunday, February 3, 2008


PORTRAIT 1992-2007

Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) was one of several female singer/songwriters who combined the stark lyrical attack of alternative rock with a distinctly '70s musical approach. Her music falls between the orchestrated meditations of Kate Bush and the stripped-down poetics of Joni Mitchell. In addition to reviving the singer/songwriter traditions of the '70s, Amos revived the piano as a rock & roll instrument. With her 1992 album Little Earthquakes, Amos built a dedicated following that continued to expand with her second album, Under the Pink. (source AMG)

1. Crucify
2. Leather
3. Mother
4. Thank You (Led Zeppelin Cover)
5. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
6. Strange Fruit (Billie Holliday Cover)
7. Cornflake Girl
8. The Wrong Band
9. The Waitress
10. Professional Widow
11. Blood Roses
12. Professional Widow (Armand's Star Trunk Funkin Mix)
13. Black Dove
14. Spark
15. Glory Of The 80's
16. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
17. Scarlet's Walk
18. Way Down
19. Original Sinsuality
20. Big Wheel
21. Programmable Soda

Here will you find the right front cover (I made a mistake while making it).


Nick said...

Guys, your idea is the "Best of" all! Wish you all the best for this new blog!

After Serge Gainsbourg, hope to find here some BestOfs of other French singers. Thanks for your great job. Will stay tuned!


Ayah Gagöhn said...

[quote]After Serge Gainsbourg, hope to find here some BestOfs of other French singers.[/quote]

You will, be sure of it !

S.F.P. said...

Hey Nick,

Stefan from MOODSWINGS music & Baistophe speaking.

On your request, you already had the excellent Thomas Fersen and, trust me as I'll be the one handling most of the french material, there's a lot more to come!

Enjoy the ride and stay tuned! ^^

Rochacrimson said...

The blog is simply fantastic!
But Stefan,sorry for that i can't download all albums in rapidshare because this server are limits and time to wait after download one album :-(
Any chance to upload like Ayah in sharebee,because i like to use zshare,this server has no limits,and speed up to 400kb/s in downloads!
But for all this work-superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I'm sorry Rochacrimson, Stefan alread spends a lot of time to work on his projects and to uplod them, I don't think he will change his habits, as he also his a owner of a RS account...

Else I may understand that you are able to DL the RS files so make as we all do : wait the time to be elpased ! That's not so long ...

And apologize for this disagreement (@stefan, mon anglais défaillant ne me permet pas de savoir si ça se dit)

S.F.P. said...


As you may already know, this is a side project to my MOODSWINGS blog which is also a side project to my life... ;)

I understand my uploading habits may cause some inconvenience for the downloaders but, as Ayah said, I am not yet ready to change it. I do hope you'll take the time to download my stuff anyway as it's done with passion and the will to promote artists in the quite unique concept set by Ayah.

Enjoy the music !

Rochacrimson said...

Sure Stefan ;-) !!!
This album by Tori Amos is simply great!

annmargretfan said...

This really beats the best of that her label released. Many thanks for this and your other great shares. I'm only at #6 so there's some great listening ahead.