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Tuesday, March 29, 2011




I didn't expect making such low success with my Weather Report post so I do what I want and I post something I really wanted to for a long time.
Fernandel is one of french most famous actors within France. His filmography is somewhat any actor would have all wanted to have. He was french autor Marcel Pagnol's favourite actor for his films.
But Fernandel began his carreer as a cabaret singer like many others in the 30s. His carreer exploded with the film Ignace in which he sings (as most of the films he played). The eponymous song of this film brought him as a star very quickly and he never having success even if some of his post war films are a bit worse.
Outside of France, he is mostly known for one of his recurrent character : Don Camillo. But, even if Charles Chaplin, Bob Hope, and Jerry Lewis had become friends of his, he never reached the english or american fame.
Beside his actor job, he never really stopped singing even if, after WWII his discography is les dense.
Fernandel died in 1971, aged 68 after a 40 year carreer whose best musical trace is a TV show recorded in 1968 called "Le Palmarès de la Chanson" from which 2 extracts were taken to illustrate this Baistophe. As an evidence, non french speaking people will hardly understand the songs especially the humour.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Weather Report was my first attempt to introduce myself into the world of Jazz and I was very lucky to start with their 1976 album Black Market whose eponymous title remains my favourite WR track.
At their beginnings, Weather Report really sounded like Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. Surprise when you know that Joe Zawinul (keyb) and Wayne Shorter (sax) learned a lot with the master. Until their 1973 Sweetnighter album, this filiation is quite an evidence.
Weather Report found their musical identity with their 1974 album Mysterious Traveller and much more with their 1975 Tale Spinnin'. To their fusion sound was added an african sound. That brought the band to another direction and, to me, the highest point of their carreer was Black Market. After that and especially after their excellent live album 8.30, everything became much more flat even if this african color kept featuring in the Weather Report sound. The 80s are not as good as the decade before but no one can argue that Weather Report's albums in the 80s were at least very good. Weather Report never becam an infamous Smooth Jazz band and that 's a good thing.
Here will you find every period of the band from the beginning to the end in a chronological order. No albums have been voluntarily forgotten but the golden years (1972-1978) is the best represented.
You may notice that another huge album like "I Sing The Body Electric" is under represented because 2 of its best (to me) tracks were chosen from other live albums like Live In Tokyo or Live & Unreleased.
Enjoy this compilation like I enjoy this band.

My Weather Report TOP3 :
1. Black Market (1976)
2. I Sing The Body Electric (1972)
3. Tale Spinning (1975)

My Weather Report TOP3 live albums :
1. Live & Unreleased (1973-1983/2002)
2. Live In Tokyo (1972)
3. 8.30 (1979)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011



I don't like Foreigner. Never did, never will. Actually, I consider their huge success to be kind of a fraud. Strange as it is for me to claim my relative dislike of the band’s music and still do a compilation of their finest tracks, I sure can appreciate the entertaining value of some of their songs, especially those from their first four albums. And, in the "cheese" department, Say You Will and I Want To Know What Love Is (repectively from Inside Information and Agent Provocateur, both terrible albums by the way), are worth a ton of your finest Philadelphia.
In order to complete the task of making a worthy selection, I listened to the whole of their studio discography and, trust me, it was sometimes painful. What I came up with, in the end, is this 20 songs compilation with an evident focus on Foreigner's early material. I chose not to put the songs in a chronological order to create kind of an "album-feel" to it. Also, I hope you'll like the humorous artwork... I just couldn't resist it.
Anyway, here “Feels Like the First Time”, I hope you’ll like it.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011



It's a mammoth of a baistophe I'm delivering today. Actually, it's a lot more than just the finest tracks of an artist as it takes us through Gary Moore's entire career starting with his "Cream", Irish Psychedelic-Blues Rockers Skid Row. From there, I considered every album Gary Moore ever laid his divine axe or his soulful vocals on.
And here it is! Six CDs worth of blues, hard rock, fusion, progressive rock… and more! To tell you the truth, I was rather surprised as how varied and good Gary Moore career had been. Obviously, I knew of his participation to Irish legends Thin Lizzy, and so did I know about his progressive/fusion endeavors with Colosseum II. Also, I was no stranger to both his Hair Metal and Blues Rock career. I even had the chance to see him live twice: first supporting the “Still Got the Blues” album, then with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker promoting their BBM album. Both concerts had been memorable experiences with Mr. Moore shining as the true Guitar Hero he was. Alas, his (failed) return to commercial music of the late 90’s and early 00’s (with “Dark Days in Paradise” and “A Different Beat”), made me lose sight of his music. Like I said, I knew almost every trick up Gary's sleeve but, considering it as a whole, it's amazing what the man has achieved. And so, naturally, I have been utterly shocked by the news of his death and decided it was time to pay the man tribute on this very blog.
I hope you’ll appreciate the work I’ve put into this Gary Moore Anthology and that it’ll lead you to want to know more about each and every step this dearly missed musician has taken on the Stairway to Heaven.
We miss you Gary. R.I.P.

Sunday, March 6, 2011



I don't know if it's ever happened to you, it sure did happen to me. You're chilling out, watching a good movie with a mighty fine soundtrack. The next day, you go to the store only to find out how incomplete the track list of said soundtrack is. Actually, Dazed and Confused pushes the borders of incompletion and exploitation even further than most soundtracks do. Get that: upon releasing the film in the theaters, a 14 songs compilation was made available for people to buy it. Only problem is the movie featured 29 songs! One year later (1994 that is) the production released another twelve tracks so that they could pick pockets even more efficiently. The thing is there are two songs that are still missing. And you bought two CDs! Pissed. Here's how this FSS (Full Soundtrack Series) came to life.
And so, we’re now happy to unleash the real full Dazed and Confused soundtrack in its 29 songs grandeur. I even added the Led Zeppelin song which gave its name to the movie. Actually, it was supposed to be part of the soundtrack but, while Jimmy Page agreed to its presence, Robert Plant refused. It only feels right that's it's added here as a bonus track. To keep things simple, I’ve included only unedited studio versions I’ve placed in the order they can be heard in the film.
For those yet unfamiliar with the movie, Dazed and Confused tells the story of a life-changing night for high-school students at the end of 1976’s school's year. As the plot is set in the seventies, you know you’re going to get you eyeful of alcohol abuse, weed smoking and…Well, sex, of course! The soundtrack consists of tunes from that particular era with songs featured having been released between 1968 and 1976 and makes for a great collection of 70’s classics and more obscure but equally juicy tracks.
Speaking of the cast, let me tell you that the movie features future major films stars such as Milla Jovovich, Parker Posey, Matthew McConnaughey, Adam Goldberg or Ben Affleck, all in their teens, delivering like experienced pros.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the selection. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions for future references in Baistophe's brand new series.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Known as the only white band signed on legendary Motown Records label, Rare Earth remains the band with the one hit single. And what a hit! Get Ready! The band however recorded a non-negligible number of albums that are far from a crapy collection of forgettable songs. Almost until the end of their first "life", Rare Earth brought some (hard-)rock in their funky soul (or some soul in their rock). As an evidence, the 80s weren't in a funky-soul mood at all and the band broke up after nothing less than 12 studio albums. After that, some reunions were programmed here and there, like the widely forgettable live album "Made In Switzerland" and two much appreciated studio albums : Different World (1993) and Brave New World (2008). But the heart of Rare Earth live in the 70s, that's for sure.

note : some songs are nothing but vinyl rip. If you have any better versions, feel free to send us and we'll update the link

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