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Sunday, May 3, 2009



Although he began his career in the late 60s, most of Lavilliers' best work were released in the 80s. After a long period of artistic hesitation, Lavilliers felt at ease when adopting a sound which mixed reggae, salsa, rock and chanson. Very discreet in the media, he however managed to gain a popularity such as he is still here, 40 years after his beginning! Looking to his repertoire and discography, you can guess that his higher artistic success and best-selling albums (between 1980 and 1988) cover a very short period but, after that, Bernard Lavilliers, thanks to a strong and faithful fanbase, kept on recording and touring with success.

On the Road Again

My Bernard Lavilliers TOP3 :
1- O Gringo (1980)
2- Voleur De Feu (1986)
3- 15e Round (1977)

My Bernard Lavilliers BOTTOM3 :
1- Premiers Pas (1968)
2- Carnets De Bord (2004)
3- Clair Obscur (1997)


Hansel said...

Of course, the sample you put here is a good song but, having listened to the compilation, I feel it's not at all representative of the richness this artist develops... I hear latino, rock, reggae and more in his music.
It was a discovery for me, and a good one.
Thanks for the hard work you put into those home-made compilations and keep up the good work, you're one of the best blogs around.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

It was so hard for us to find a representative extract. So we put what we found. That's why we explained his identity was much richer!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

For your great pleasure, I've found a nice live version of "La Salsa"

Hansel said...

Yes, indeed, it adds to the sound of this baistophe. Well done.

Lapin Chasseur said...

Nanard powaaaa !
En fait, je ne connais que les tubes et je suis sur qu'ils ne sont pas représentatifs de l'artiste... Je suis sur que cette compilation me fera au moins en partie changer d'avis sur cet artiste que je considère pour le moment comme le Sardou de gauche...

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Hé bien tu vois, Lapin Chasseur, je n'étais vraiment pas loin d'être du même avis que toi et, à la découverte de ce chanteur, je n'ai certes pas totalement changé d'avis car le bonhomme est toujours limite supportable lors de ses interventions télévisuelles mais a gagné chez moi en dignité et en crédibilité musicalement. Dans une décennie où beaucoup, y compris tous ceux qu'on admire le plus, se sont complus à faire du supra médiocre grace à des boîtes à rythmes et à des synthés Bontympan, lui est globalement resté fidèle à l'analogique.

Anonymous said...

Mille MERCI pour le ré-up après 2 ans, et en mirroring !

Vraiment super-sympa :-))