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Friday, February 1, 2008



Thomas Fersen (b. 4 January 1963, Paris) is a French singer-songwriter.
During his childhood, he was part of a punk group before playing the piano in café-theatres. He released his first album in 1993; it gave him immediate name recognition.
Fersen is an accomplished poet who enjoys playing with language, using puns, rich rhymes, symbols and images taken from the realms of plants (vegetables, fruits) and animals (birds and various beasts) to tell stories or original fables, to recreate moments from daily life, impressions and sentiments, and also the dreams of ordinary people and their failings and faults. His deep and gravelly smoker's voice gives a particular tone to his songs, which belong to different musical styles depending on the album (rock, folk-rock or jazz and blues).
(source Wikipedia)

CD 1:
1.Le bal des oiseaux 4:54
2.Je t'attendais 2:28
3.Libertad 4:23
4.Ces bouches à nourrir 2:39
5.Louise 2:23
6.Hugo, la chanson dy cyclone 2:41
7.Les ronds de carotte 2:44
8.Dans les transports 3:20
9.Un parapluie pour deux 3:00
10.Bella ciao 1:53
11.L'histoire d'une heure 2:39
12.Bucéphale 3:10
13.Ma douceur 4:38
14.Moi qui me croyait un saint 4:08
15.La blatte 2:41
16.Bijou 3:29
17.Les tours d'horloge 3:18
18.Où trouver des fleurs un samedi soir après minuit ? 2:38

CD 2:
19.Les malheurs du lion 3:27
20.Dugenou 3:55
21.Monsieur 3:54
22.Marie des guérites 3:21
23.Chandelle 4:40
24.Diane de Poitiers 3:07
25.Deux pieds 3:02
26.Le chat botté 3:39
27.Pièce montée des grands jours (with Marie Trintignant) 4:09
28.Croque 3:53
29.Hyacinthe 3:51
30.Pégase 3:36
31.Je n'ai pas la gale 3:13
32.Mon macabre 4:24
33.Les papillons 4:47
34.La chauve-souris 4:14
35.Zaza 2:49
36.Georges 3:44

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sonia said...

Merci , thanks from Poland!

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Trés jolie compilation!

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Y'a pas Elisabeth, ma préfèrée,
c'est un scandaaaaale !!!!

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On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde...

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Obrigada, thanks from Brazil!
Really nice blog :)

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Merci pour cette collection splendide!
... et Bonne Année! Biz***

L said...

He's a real original. Many thanks for putting this together.