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Friday, June 6, 2008



Fronting the Canterbury scene, Soft Machine is one of the main progressive band which has ever existed. Although this compilation only features their work as the "Soft Machine" one can notice that the band never ended but took other names due to rights problems. Indeed, the name Soft Machine is owned by '72-'84 member Karl Jenkins. So when ex-member Hugh Hopper wants to make a Soft Machine album or wants to follow up the adventure in 1984, the only right he has is to keep the "Soft" part of the name. So, if you'd expect to find some Soft Works, Soft Bounds, Soft Head, Soft Heap, Soft Mountain, or even Soft Machine Legacy in here, you'll be a bit disappointed. Maybe will this be the subject of another baistophe (why not a baistophe Hugh Hopper ?). So, here will there only be exclusive Soft Machine.
Fortunately ! Because that band made so much great music in only a dozen years that it was very hard to fill in only 3CDs. but I made it ! No edit to shorten the songs. Much better : only live-existing songs (as Noisette, Riff III, Down The Road, ...) have their place here.
I'm not ashamed of the finished product because each of the 3CDs represents one of the 3 periods of that wonderful prog/free/jazz/psych/rock band has met. Enjoy !

1. I Should've Known
2. Memories
3. Hope For Happiness (incl. Joy Of A Toy)
4. A Certain Kind
5. We Did It Again / Plus Belle Qu'Une Poubelle / Why Are We Sleeping ?
6. Hibou, Anemone & Bear
7. Pig / Orange Skin Food / A Door Opens And Closes / 10.30 Returns To The Bedroom
8. Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening (Peel Sessions)
9. Dada Was Here (Live)
10. Moon In June
1. Facelift
2. Mousetrap / Noisette / Backwards / Moustrap reprise / Esther's Nose Job
3. Kings And Queens
4. Virtually, part 2
5. All White
6. As If
7. Pigling Bland
8. The Soft Weed Factor
9. Chloe And The Pirates

1. EPV
2. Down The Road (BBC Sessions)
3. Nettle Bed
4. Hazard Profile, part 1
5. Bundles
6. The Floating World
7. Riff III (live)
8. Song Of Aeolus (live)
9. The Tale Of Taliesin

10. Ban-Ban Caliban
11. Out Of Season
12. Huffin (live)
13. Sly Monkey

My Soft Machine TOP3 :
1. Third (1970)
2. One + Two (1968-1969)
3. Bundles (1974)
My Soft Machine BOTTOM3 :
1. Land Of Cockaigne (1981)
2. Rubber Riff (1976 ed. 1994)
3. Fourth (1970)

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