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Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Queen were originally formed as Smile but changed their name for their first and eponymous album. At first,, their music leaned towards glam-rock but, as soon as the glam wave began to lose its momentum, the band chose a poppier orientation (on A Night At The Opera, 1975) with hints of hard rock thrown in the mix (particularily on Sheer Heart Attack, 1974). The eighties saw them at the peak of their popularity with poppy (I Want To Break Free) and even disco/funk oriented material (Another One Bites The Dust). Unfortunately their finest work remained unnoticed (with the exception of Bohemian Rhapsody) so that I felt a good retrospective compilation was a necessity.


1. Keep Yourself Alive
2. Liar
3. Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
4. Son And Daughter
5. The March Of The Black Queen
6. Seven Seas Of The Rhye
7. Brighton Rock
8. Flick Of The Wrist
9. Now I'm Here
10. Stone Cold Crazy
11. '39
12. Sweet Lady
13. Bohemian Rhapsody
14. Tie Your Mother Down
15. Somebody To Love
16. We Will Rock You
17. Get Down, Make Love
18. Mustapha
19. Fat Bottomed Girl
20. Bicycle Race
21. God Save The Queen


1. The Kiss
2. Cool Cat
3. Under Pressure
4. Tear It Up
5. Hammer To Fall
6. Is It The World We Created ?
7. Who Wants To Live Forever ?
8. Forever
9. Gimme The Price
10. Princes Of The Universe
11. The Miracle
12. Was It All Worth It ?
13. Chinese Torture
14. Innuendo
15. I'm Going Slightly Mad
16. Bijou
17. It's A Beautiful Day
18. The Wedding March


Anonymous said...

The links are not working!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Indeed, If you are reading carfully to the link, it's written that it's coming.

Be patient, we may have some difficulty to upload sometimes. But they will come, be sure of it.

And, please no "WTF", it's a polite blog here ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry old chap!
My "WTF" was only expressing the disappointed of not being able to get your compilation straight away as it does look good and there's many songs I've never ever heard...
Looking forward to this!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I hope you'll be able to get it tonight, my connexion is really disturbed these days

Anonymous said...

Moodswings brought me here, the music made me stay. looking forward to a long and loving relationship. thank you s'much!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Just read your comment, Thanks for the congratulations and welcome !

Anonymous said...

I was also brought by Moodswings. I really love your blog. I have made many "compilations" in my life and it is great fun to see how you do yours.

Please allow me to be critical: CD1 cannot be compared at all with CD2. In fact, after "Jazz", even blindly loving Queen, I can only find a couple of songs that can be compared to Ogre Battle or We Will Rock You (live Killers version, bien sure).

David (from Madrid)

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I agree with you. After Jazz, Queen were not as good as before. This second CD was in fact made by an old girlfriend of mine who is a big Queen fan and wanted to show me how good were some of those post-jazz tracks.

I must admit she made a good work. And I salute her even if she's not aware of that blog. Cheers Celine.

Anonymous said...

Great art work!!
and by the way, great blog too!

geemarcus said...

Very nice collection. I just wanted to point out that the name of the song is "Gimme the Prize". I wouldn't mention it but since it's the name of the Baistophe I thought it should be pointed out. Unless there's a reason you changed it that I don't understand...I have not actually downloaded it since I have all Queen's albums already...

annmargretfan said...

Thanks for sharing. I only downloaded cd 2 since I have several comps with the material on disc 1. Your work is appeciated.