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Thursday, February 14, 2008



The Dismemberment Plan was a Washington D.C. based indie rock band formed on January 1, 1993. Aside from a brief interlude in 1998 and 1999 when they were signed by Interscope Records, the band recorded for local label DeSoto Records. Their breakthrough album, Emergency & I, was actually created during their time at Interscope. However, they were dropped from the label shortly after its completion, and thus took it back with them to DeSoto, where it wound up being released. The Dismemberment Plan's live shows were generally high-energy affairs, with Morrison frequently inviting audience members to dance on stage during "The Ice of Boston". One of the band's most iconic songs, "Do the Standing Still", mocked indie rock fans for their reluctance to move during even the band's most frenetic performances, though Morrison himself would occasionally discourage fans from moshing.
The band toured Japan three times and Europe twice, along with many tours of North America.
Musically, while drawing heavily from previous Washington-based art-punk acts such as Fugazi and Jawbox, the Dismemberment Plan were significant for incorporating R&B (in stage banter, Morrison often talked of his obsession with Gladys Knight) and hip-hop influences to their sound. Influential indie rock criticism website Pitchfork Media has called them the fathers of the late-1990s/early-2000s dance-punk movement, which in turn fostered the current New Wave revival. Ironic humor was also a major component of the band's aesthetic.
(source: Wikipedia)

1.Soon To Be Ex Quaker
2.If I Don't
3.Tonight We Mean It
4.The Ice Of Boston
5.Academy Award
6.Do The Standing Still
7.This The Life
8.A Life Of Possibilities
9.What Do You Want Me To Say
10.The Jitters
11.You Are Invited
12.Sentimental Man
14.Following Through
15.Time Bomb
16.Ellen And Ben

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