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Saturday, February 23, 2008



Stevie Wonder is to me THE black music artist. Even if Ray Charles was the master of Rhythm'n'Blues, Otis Redding the king of Soul, James Brown the emperor of Funk and Michael Jackson the prince of RNB, Stevie is the only one that can boast about to be the only one to have covered all those style of music. Much more : his has put them to their culminating points. Discovered at only 11 (!), Little Stevie Wonder has gone through black music history as someone who didn't invented anything but really understood what it was all about. That's what proves his cleverness...

CD1 :
1. Fingertips
2. Love A Go Go
3. Uptight
4. My World Is Empty Without You
5. I Was Made To Love Her
6. My Girl
7. My Cherie Amour
8. You And Me
9. We Can Work It Out
10. Signed, Sailed, Delivered I'm Yours
11. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
12. Look Around
13. Do Yourself A Favor
14. I Wanna Talk To You
15. Love Having You Around
16. Evil
17. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
18. Superstition
19. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)

20. Living For The City
21. Higher Ground
CD2 :
1. You Haven't Done Nothin'
2. They Won't Go When I Go
3. Contusion
4. Sir Duke
5. I Wish
6. As
7. Another Star
8. Pastime Paradise
9. Send One Your Love
10. I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
11. Master Blaster
12. Overjoyed
13. Free
14. Jungle Fever
15. For Your Love
16. From The Bottom Of My Heart


Rochacrimson said...

Superb compilation of Stevie Wonder!
I love his era of 1972-76,with albums like Talking Book,Innervisions and Songs for Key Life!
Any live album or bootleg from this era?Superstition,Higher Ground,Living in the city and Contusion are formidable!!!!

S.F.P. said...

Great artwork too! :))

Anonymous said...

@rocha : for the moment, no live recording but see here, you might be happy !

@ SFP, I do think so ;)

Rochacrimson said...

What a concert Ayah!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your comments about Stevie. He´s really the best black voice ever (maybe my best white voice is Mr. Mercury).

Where is Superwoman? (We were you when I needed you?). I really missed that one.

Anyway, thank you very much for your excellent blog. Keep on!

David (From Madrid)

Anonymous said...

Thanks David for your comments

If you can't find some of your favourite tracks, that's because there are two reason :

First, maybe, because I put it more back in my fav' list. Second because I had to fit Steve in only two discs. That's a hard work.

In one other hand, I know some tracks I put are not some's fav'. The tastes are not easy to satisfy.

Anonymous said...

This is good, if you can find it...

Stevie Wonder, live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, England, January 1974.

Higher Ground
To Know You is to Love You
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Perfect Angel
You are the Sunshine of My Life

S.F.P. said...

Here it is:

Anonymous said...

Thank You "Anonyme" and SFP !

Izugarri said...

Uauhhh! Stevie is wonderful. In this very interesting web information about StevieWonder.