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Monday, February 18, 2008

GONG (ABO#015)

Just after leaving Soft Machine in 1967, Daevid Allen was about to begin a solo carreer. In 1969, was issued "Magick Brother, Mystick Sister" which was labelled as a Daevid Allen's Gong album. The music was what was to become Allen's signature : a mixture of pop, silly songs, space rock and jazz. When he was expelled from UK he set up on the north of France where he joined together a new Gong line-up featuring french members as Christian Tritsch, Didier Malherbe and later Pierre Moerlen...
The band had great success in France where it was adopted as a pure french band. However, Gong can boast about to be the very first stateless band !
The adventure went on until internal disagreements (mostly about drug uses) made Daevid and his wife Gilli Smyth leave the band, being followed by Steve Hillage for a solo carrer. The remaining band moved toward Jazz-rock and recalled Pierre Moerlen's Gong as Daevid joined back another Gong line-up.
Between 1977 and 1990, Daevid Allen dropped his Gong project but made some albums as "Planetgong", "New York Gong" and "Gongmaison".
By the year 1989, some 1973 and 1974 concert were reissued on CD with Daevid's liner notes saying that rediscovering that music made him reunite a new Gong band. That was done in 1990. From that year Gong survived and made some albums, mostly live, and got back new fan basis.
In 2002, as he was touring with Gong in Japan, Daevid Allen discovered japanese band Acid Mothers Temple and was so amazed by their music that he decided to welcome some "Acid Mothers Templers" in his band. Acid Motherhood was issued in 2004. It's the best Gong album since You (1974).
This collection gathers the only Daevid Allen part of the Gong History, so the albums Shamal, Gazeuse and Expresso II (as attributed to Gong) were not included here but will be in a forthcoming Pierre Moerlen's Gong Best Of ... Beside, you'll find some Planet Gong and Gongmaison tracks.

CD1 :
CD2 :
1. Pretty Miss Titty
1. Master Builder
2. Blues For Finland
2. A Sprinkling Of Clouds
3. You Can't Kill Me
3. Pussy
4. Dynamite : I'm Your Animal
4. Eat That Phonebook Coda
5. Wet Cheese Delirium
5. Allez Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any
Bull Shit : Mama Maya Mantram
6. Fohat Digs Holes In Space
6. Titicaca
7. Tropical Fish : Selene
7. Spirit With Me
8. Flying Teapot
8. Là-Bas, Là-Bas
9. Zero The Hero & The Witch's Spell
9. Magdalene
10. Sold To The Highest Buddah
10. Tali's Song
11. Selene
11. Supercotton
12. Oily Way / Outer Temple / Inner Temple

13. Love Is How Y Make It

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