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Saturday, June 6, 2009



1974 was a tragical year for progressive music. Critics and audience decreased rapidly. Progressive bands had become so pompous and sometimes boring that no one wanted to listen to most of them anymore. Progressive music never really catch back its past fame after that. However, bands like UK in the late 70s or Marillion in the mid-80s managed to sell enough to gain an honorable popularity. In the 90s, the next band to become famous, in a minor way, was to be Spock's Beard. First thing one would notice: it's an american band. Whereas progressive music has mostly been an european movement, some american bands such as Kansas caught the progressive train to join the family. Evidently, the music sounded much different.
I'm more a fan of the English sound especially for prog. The American sound is usually too dirty or too clean, almost never a compromise of both. And, actually, this is my only complain about Spock's Beard: too clean. The singing is a bit too poppy, youth-oriented. This damages the pleasure a bit but since the music is great, that's a minor problem.

My Spock's Beard TOP3 :
1. V (2000)
2. Day For Night (1999)
3. Beware Of Darkness (1996)

My Spock's Beard BOTTOM3 :
1. Octane (2005)
2. Snow (2002)
3. Feel Euphoria (2003)


Anonymous said...

Hello A.G. thanks for this one I had known of Spocks Beard but had not listened to them, so this was a chance to rectify my omission.
I am with you on this they do vocally sound a bit poppy, I also prefer the european sound but still they play some good tunes so no problem cheers.
this looks like I am going to have an expesive month with all this good music to buy cheers and bring on the next one which looks very interesting regards The Old Fool

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flex said...

Thanks great!