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Wednesday, June 17, 2009



What a surprise to find such a band in the progressive month! Archive is indeed much more a Trip-Hop band. Archive was founded in 1994 in the great Trip-Hop vague begun by such bands as Massive Attack or Portishead. Their very first album, Londinium, really reminds of Massive Attack. After that first CD, the music began to be more gliding, until the You All Look The Same To Me album (2002) where anyone can easily compare their music with the Pink Floyd sounds of the Wish You Were Here era. That's why we suggested that Archive has something to do with the progressive genre. Long songs that evoluate with such structure so comparable with the Prog world.
By 2009, Archive has issued a new CD, Controlling Crowds that is much like Again than the previous ones.
Then one question remains : is Trip-Hop a sub-genre of progressive Rock? It's up to you to decide!

My Archive TOP:
1. You All Look The Same To Me (2002)
2. Take My Head
3. Londinium
4. Controlling Crowds
5. Lights
6. Noise
7. Michel Vaillant O.S.T.


Anonymous said...

hello A.G. this sounds interesting i like massive attack and of course the mighty floyd so you cant go wrong i am Dl this one now andcan hardly wait i realy think prog is looked down on to much and if the music is truely progressive then who cares what genre it comes from with thanks in advance and regards
The Old Fool

ProgHead said...

I fail to see how this qualifies as progressive rock...
Don't get me wrong, I like Archive and they sure have influences from a prog-related band (Pink Floyd) but they're not prog in my book.
Good selection anyway.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

That's really why I explained that some people may find this post surprising in a progressive month.

For me, the simple reason that it's just prog-related justify this band's right to be part of that month

José Carvalho said...

J'adore Archive mais les classer comme prog. rock... sais pas, pour moi ´c'est de l'Archive parcequ'ils ont un son très proche de leur propre nom...inconfundible.
Allez voir le concert Eurockéenes 1 et 2 chez Youtube, ça vaut le coup. Merci bien par toute la musique que tu m'as fait connaitre

Anonymous said...

prog or no prog.
who cares, this is just a good compilation with fine artwork.

KeeWee said...

They have been classified by as being "Crossover Prog" !?

So there ... they are officially PROG.

A total new band to me and I thank you for the introduction ... can't wait to hear more of them now as you have really "tickled my fancy" with this baistophe.

By the way - what does Baistophe mean - could find no definition in any language when I googled it !?

Cheers mate ... I am working on an offering too, but may be a while as my art hand is poor and my music ear even poorer ;)

[GEMY] said...

'BAISTOPHE' is only understandable by french-speaking people. ;-)

KeeWee said...

Merci beaucoup mon ami ... mais ... ce qui ne signifie baistophe en anglais, s'il vous plait?

Pardonnez-moi pour mon mauvais Français, a été longtemps puisque je l'ai dit.

[GEMY] said...

If you pronounce Baistophe like french people do, you will say "Best Of" ;-)

KeeWee said...

I knew that ... hahaha ... nice one ... d'oh!

Eye of Newt said...

It took me a year and half before I figured it out...

KeeWee said...

By the way ... what ever happened to - AR RE YAOUANK (ABO#305) ... page not found ... found in the search of your blog, but cannot open link to it

[GEMY] said...

Ar Re Yaouank have recently been reunited.

Their manager has asked me to remove the post as it is : the compilation contains both the band's and solo songs. We've been asked to remove the post whenever the compilation is not splitted into 3 separate Baistophes : one for Ar Re Yaouank, one for JC Guichen, and one for D Pasquet.

Even if on CD is possible for Ar Re Yaouank, even if there are very few albums, I must admit that a Baistophe of JC Guichen alone and D Pasquet alone will be hard.

So wait and see...