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Sunday, June 28, 2009



Formed in 1970 the band existed till 1989, GROBSCHNITT (which translates to ROUGH CUT) was the best German band from the mid-Seventies (ELOY were then in a more PINK FLOYD... and ambient style). All of the members of the band adopted pseudonyms, namely "Eroc", "Mist", "Wildschwein", "Lupo" and "Popo". The band was created by Joachim "Eroc" Ehrig (drums, percussion), Stefan "Wildschwein" Daneliak (guitars & vocals), and Gerd-Otto "Lupo" Kühn (guitar, vocals). This nucleus was later completed by Wolgang "Popo" Jäger (bass) and Volker "Mist" Kahrs (keyboards, Mellotron, synthesizers). They were best known as a clone of YES (symphonic progressive group), but they also explored other progressive rock styles (either psychedelic prog or more cohesive "Krautrock" with some stunning instrumental passages that will be familiar to anyone into the likes of MAN, AMON DUUL II, WISHBONE ASH and many similar bands). Their sound was characterized by sometimes long suites allowing ambitious composition developments, with intermingled themes, rhythms, climates changes and symphonic passages. A very compelling brand of musical moods: haunting melodies, funny voices (by Eroc), wonderful guitar work, great synthesizer sounds, strange drumming/effects man, and sophisticated arrangements. This eclectic German band became one of the most popular live acts in German history. (progarchives)

My Grobschnitt TOP3:
1- Ballerman (1974)
2- Rockpommel's Land (1977)
3- Grobschnitt (1972)

My Grobschnitt BOTTOM3:
1- Fantasten (1987)
2- Razzia (1982)
3- Kinder & Narren (1984)


ProgHead said...

I though I knew progressive rock pretty well but I've never heard of that band.

Thanks for the heads up and, please, continue to enlighten us with great music!

I hope to see more French artists in the future, any plans?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

progressive or any kind of french music ?

As you might have noticed, I and Stefan try to give at least one (sometimes two) french artists per month.

S.F.P. said...

There's been quite a lot of French or French speaking artists since we launched BAISTOPHE, see for yourself:

- Serge Gainsbourg
- Magma
- Thomas Fersen
- Kat Onoma
- Pigalle
- BB Doc
- Trust
- Les VRP
- Nino Ferrer
- Michel Polnareff
- Martin Circus
- Les Satellites
- Téléphone
- MC Solaar
- Ange
- Les Garçons Bouchers
- Renaud
- Mano Negra
- Les Nonnes Troppo
- Manu Chao
- Happy Drivers
- Jean-Jacques Goldman
- Bell Oeil
- Tri Yann
- Malicorne
- Grabriel Yacoub
- Yves Montand
- Georges Brassens
- Jacques Brel
- Michel Corringe
- Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine
- Mes Souliers Sont Rouges
- Arthur H
- Gérard Manset
- Richard Gotainer
- Alain Bashung
- Gwendal
- Bernard Lavilliers
- Java & R.Wan
- Sloy
- Ludwig Von 88
- Atoll

And there'll be more in the future. Suggestions or help are welcome. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ohh Man, don't let that progressive Month never stop!!!

Thank you

S.F.P. said...

All good things must come to an end... ;)

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Thanks in advance,
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Ayah Gagöhn said...

hey ! nice fellow

I know We're Late For Class for several months and do like your work!

I especially liked your Fudge/Iron Butterfly/Floyd parody. It was so well played that I really thought it was the Fudge playing lol