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Saturday, June 13, 2009



Under that poor joke ('assez d'essais' means 'enough [nuclear] tries' and is pronounced like AC/DC, sorry) hides a real baistophe and a real band. Atoll were founded in 1972 by Chris Beya and made only 4 albums until 1979. they carried their own symphonic sound blending the finer aspects of fellow acts ANGE, PULSAR and MONA LISA. Their style is very theatrical in nature offering dynamic and melodic arrangements with some great song writing. Along the topics it is impossible to avoid the comparisons with GENESIS, YES and MAHAVISHU ORCHESTRA. The changes of members were another of the characteristics of this group who counted John WETTON among their members.

ATOLL, in their short history, released two excellent and very different albums. "L'Araignee Mal" (1975) is an essential for any prog collection. They add a violinist to the band and a touch of fusion to their sound, this is a very exciting album. "Tertio" (3rd album) features their exploration into the symphonic world of France's 70's progressive rock genre.

My Atoll TOP :
1. Tertio (1977)
2. L'Araignée-Mal (1975)
3. Musiciens Magiciens (1973)
4. Rock Puzzle (1979)
5. L'Océan (1990)
6. Illian (2005)


ProgHead said...

Never heard of these guys... Looking forward to it.
Thanks bastophe.

Seric31 said...

Funny thing just after Rock Puzzle, Atoll searched for a bass player and started recording with John Wetton (former of King Crimson ("Red Album"),Uriah Heep, Family...).
But The French record company never found (or search for) an agreement with Wetton's company. So after a few weeks without any answers, he accepted to joined a new super-band called Asia (with Carl Palmer (ELP),Steve Howe (Yes) & Geoff Downes (Buggles).
"Heat of the moment" has been an instant hit all over the world....
Bad luck for Atoll but you can hear early version of Asia's Songs sung in French as bonus on the Puzzle CD...