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Monday, June 22, 2009

SAGA (ABO #228)


Heavy on keyboards, sonicly related to the 80s new wave, Saga might very well be the less progressive act displayed in this month's "Progressive Rock Thema" at Baistophe.
Very skilled musicians and descendants of both Queen & The Sparks, the Canadian band Saga have always been a much discussed case among prog-heads. Many think they're too happy/poppy to even be considered while others claim they're progressive in their unique attention to the tiniest bit of their sound-bursts and work "proggingly" in the details. Both are right by the way but it all depends on the mood you're in when you decide to pop up this bad guy and make it swing your very ass (resisting "Humble Stance" is futile). And, even the prog-heads need, now and then, a little easy entertainment and why not relying on the witty craftmen Saga have been the last 30 years? Why not god? Why?
Don't be amashed, this music will not bite you, at worst it'll put a smile on your face which isn't something that common when listening to progressive-related music.

My SAGA Top 3
1 - Silent Knight (1980)
2 - Saga (1978)
3 - Generation 13 (1995)

My SAGA Bottom 3
1 - Wildest Dreams (1987)
2 - Steel Umbrellas (1994)
3 - The Pleasure and the Pain (1997)

1 comment:

ProgHead said...

Well done this one!
I'm not a fan of the band, too commercial for my taste, but you've managed to get interesting stuff while not forgetting their hits. A job well done, really.