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Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Another band, anorther country. After the Netherlands with Focus and Canada with Saga, the trip goes on with the italian prog. In the 70s, with Germany, Italy has been one of the major countries for the Progressive music. Very smart, clever and less obscur than german or some english bands, that kind of music in Italy remains one of the finest and favourite style for many prog fans. Le Orme is one of those influencial italian bands, with Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso and Premiatta Forneria Marconi. Their very first album, In Gloriam, issued in 1969 sounded very psychedelic and 60s-pop, far from the progressive identity the band would have later.
Soon, with their third album Collage (1971), Le Orme reached at their peak and made music that any prog fan couldn't miss, until Storia O Leggenda (1977).
But one thing has to be remembered: contrary to their compatriots, Le Orme never really made crapy albums... Just less good. Maybe is that a reason why you should begin with italian prog by listening to Le Orme.

My Le Orme TOP3 :
1. Felona E Serena (1973)
2. Collage (1971)
3. Uomo Di Pezza (1972)

My Le Orme BOTTOM3 :
1. Venerdi (1982)
2. Orme (1990)
3. Amico Di Ieri (1997)


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