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Monday, June 15, 2009

IQ (ABO #224)


One of the Pioneers on the British Neo Prog scene, IQ is one of the few bands from the 80's and 90's scene that superbly delivers a full symphonic, richly emotional music. The outstanding vocals of Peter NICHOLLS give the band its trademark, but the keyboard arrangements from the multiband man Martin ORFORD (JADIS, BIG BIG TRAIN) really add to the atmosphere here. The guitar work from Mike HOLMES completes the last essential ingredient of the band's musicianship.
The band is strongly influenced by (GABRIEL era) GENESIS, with a hard-edged and powerful sound. IQ is one of the few bands that has been able to maintain a growing curve in terms of musicianship and identity over the years. With time, their music became heavier which was quite a nice turn of events.
After carrying the torch of progressive music into the 80s, their first two proper albums, "Tales From The Lush Attic" and "The Wake" are among the very finest progressive rock albums released in that decade, they tried a more commercial turn with a new vocalist, P. L. MENEL. The adventure only lasted two albums and didn't meet the expected success which, ultimately, lead to NICHOLLS return. From there, they resumed their string of retro-progressive albums releasing classics such as "Ever" and the double-album, "Subterranea".
It's been quite hard selecting the material for this compilation. I could have made a triple cd but decided not to. That's how consistent IQ's work is. Enjoy this music that, hopefully, will take you...Somewhere else.

My IQ Top Three
1 - The Wake (1985)
2 - Ever (1993)
3 - Subterranea (1997)

My IQ Bottom Three
1 - Are You Sitting Comfortably? (1989)
2 - Nomzamo (1987)
3 - The Seventh House (2001)


Anonymous said...

Thanks S.F.P. great band and a good choice of tracks I really like this band a lot I got into them a few years back good to have a quality compilation thanks for the great work as always and thanks for a brilliant enlightening month so far regards
The Old Fool

kingpossum said...

Progressive Month rules! Awesome overview, thanks for the introduction to new (for me) artists and old favorites alike!


Anonymous said...

great to hear this band, which I never knew of before. I am trying all of the prog samples you post and widening my horizons! I'll definitely be investing in some IQ CDs, though. These guys are great.