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Monday, June 22, 2009



Just a little excursion out of the progressive month. I could not wait until the first of july before posting this VAC. This selection is just an album to give an homage to my daughter's birth, last saturday. I'm really proud of her and find her so cute. That pride must be an evidence to any new dads. Now that she's here, I wanted to give her what caracterize me the most : Music! This baistophe gathers songs that can be considered as lullabies, even if there weren't made for.
80 minutes of complete sweetness and love to share with my beloved Flora.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations A.G. arnt children the best my two are both grown up but 7 months ago my daughter gave me a beautiful grand daughter and she has filled my life with such joy and love enjoy Flora and the many hours of love and affection you will have and chees for the music to thanks for all the good things you have given to me and the avenues to explore thank you and I hope you have few sleepless nights you lucky man
regards The Old Fool

hakoach said...

hello my freind.
i wish you and wife to be happy and pround with flora.
i am very happy for you

hakoach said...

hi freind.
i wish you all the best and to be happy and proud with flora.
you and yur wife.
i am so happy for you

S.F.P. said...

Alertez les bébés !
Flora va faire chavirer les coeurs...
(Pourvu qu'elle ait le physique de sa maman et l'intellect et surtout pas l'inverse ! T_T) ;)

Anonymous said...

Félicitations! Et bienvenue à Flora qui a un bien joli prénom...

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Stefan, tu vas arrêter de faire du gringue à ma femme ou je te la présente jamais :-p

Stefan said...

gniark gniark gniark... C'est elle qui veut me voir en plus ! ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks Flora for sharing this with us :)
I can see these were selected very carefully by someone with considerably good knowledge in music.
I love them all. Very soft. Yes, "lullabies".
If it was for sale, I would pay for it. It's that good quality!
I would also like to compliment on
the artworks that you do on each album on this blog. EVERYONE of them is spectacular.
Thanks for your hard work.
Cheers from the other side of the globe.