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Saturday, June 20, 2009



One thing is noticeable with progressive music: it's one of the only musical style to have emerged famous bands from any country, not only anglo saxons ones. Focus is one of these examples. From the Nederlands, this band has managed to catch the interest of abroad music lovers. Fronted by crazy Thijs Van Leer, they mainly were popular for their famous guitarist : Jan Akkerman. His touch and feeling at playing the guitar was (and is) trully unique. However, Jan did not play on each and every Focus album. Amazingly, Jazz guitarist took his place for a while!
After a long break, Focus were back in the early 00s with only Von Leer as the original member.
Also featured in this baistophe, a song from the duet Thijs Van Leer / Jan Akkerman issued in the 1985 album simply named . . . Focus.

My Focus Top 3 :
1. Focus 3 (1973)
2. Moving Waves (1971)
3. Ship Of Memories (1975)

My Focus Bottom 3 :
1. Focus (1985)
2. Focus 8 (2002)
3. Focus Con Proby (1978)


Slipperman said...

Hello, your Baistophe compilations are amazing. Thank you! Is it possible to get a re-seed of the Peter Hammill Compilation? The links are now broken. Thanks

Slipperman said...

Awesome compilations! Bravo. Is it possible to get the Peter Hammill set reseeded?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Peter Hammill will be reup tomorrow, be simply patient ;-)

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Peter Hammill is now back and available ;-)

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merci ayah et toute l'équipe pour ce magnifique blog! longue vie .ZOR