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Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Funny how our programmation have put Steely Dan and Steeleye Span very close to one another. A very similiar name for completely different sound. Steeleye Span was planned in january but too hard to finish or many other projects that I wanted to do made it only be posted today. As we took awareness of Tim Hart's death, the idea of making Steeleye Span's Baistophe came to an evidence. This essential english folk band has been very prolific and is not really as famous as they deserve it. Their music is truly beautiful, especially when Maddy Prior singing, and very few albums are to forget. This constance in quality and this longevity had to be saluted in our blog.

My Steeleye Span TOP3 :
1. Ten Man Mop (1972)
2. Parcel Of Roghes (1973)
3. Commoner's Crown (1975)

My Steeleye Span BOTTOM3 :
1. Time (1996)
2. Winter (2004)
3. Back In Line (1986)


geemarcus said...

Wow, they sound an awful lot like Fairport Convention! Speaking of which I sincerely hope someone takes you up on your request to put together a Fairport Convention Biastophe, I'm looking forward to hearing it.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I can't tell you because I don't very know FC, but they will be Baistophed as one of our "sometimes" contributors will...

Anonymous said...

Hi - interesting you should comment on the similarity of names because I seem to remember back in the early/mid 70s Steeleye commenced a US tour & the Dan jokingly challenged them to a duel in order to decide which one would change their name in order to avoid confusion. I don't think the gauntlet was ever picked up!


Anonymous said...

The cover for this is really well done. A nice collection of ~Steeleye~
tunes as well. A `Fairport` baistophe would be quite large due to the great volume of Fairport material out there. But thats not a problem. A `Pentangle` Biastophe would be nice as well.

Chainsmith said...

Well it makes sense that they do sound like Fairport. As Steeleye was also founded by Ashley Hutchings, one of the founding members of Fairport. I truly love both of these bands and neither really has gotten the credit for its music that it deserves.