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Tuesday, March 2, 2010



When I chose to make this Baistophe, the last AIC album had not been out yet, and even before that many friends and Baistophe contributors told me good luck. I didn't indeed know how much they were right. And when I really began to make my selection some weeks ago, I chose to begin with the very late BLACK GIVES WAY TO BLUE, thinking there would be much more songs to drop. Great mistake. In fact, making a AIC Baistophe is a bit like making a sacrifice. You don't choose what you keep, you choose what you must drop. And at each and every track you listen, you're about to cry how desperate you are not to be able to keep it.
Alice In Chains is not much the biggest band in the world, but they knew what they recorded. They were very constant in the quality of what they played and that's what is the trouble. So you may find this selection absolutely different to what you may have done by yourself. I think the selection would have been different, the Baistophe wouldn't have been much worse.

1. Dirt (1992)
2. Alice In Chains (1995)
3. Black Gives Way To Blue (2009)
4. MTV Unplugged (1996)
5. Facelift (1990)
6. SAP/Jar Of Flies

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KeeWee said...

Interesting sign in the artwork !? ... not quite sure what 5"4 means ... under the old English system, 5ft 4in was written in shorthand as 5'4" ... also, as AIC is a yanky band, date should be MM/DD/YY ... yeah, I know ... picky picky ... not heard their music before, be interested to hear them once downloaded