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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Sometimes things go strange. As my friend SFP was checking all our Baistophes, two of them haven't been found... completely disappeared! the first one is the one I repost today. It's finally not a bad thing it had vanished because the artwork I made at that time was pretty horrible. So that was a good reason to rework it. I chose not to change the tracklist even if a new Mountain album had been edited since. This Bob Dylan Tribute is not necessarily a bad album but doesn't bring much to Leslie West's discography.
For those who don't know Mountain, this band was a Felix Pappalardi idea after he was a bit disappointed by the previous band he was producing (Cream). He found in Leslie West what he was looking for as a guitarist and singer. He then decided to produce him and manage him. he first Leslie West album was named Mountain and set up what was to become the band Mountain. By consequence, it was hard for me to split Mountain's and Leslie West's solo carreer. One thing has however to be noticed : Leslie West's solo carreer is now quite different than Mountain's one. Mountain has always made some Hard Rocking albums. Leslie West has become, as a solo artist, a blues singer. You'll find that difference on the second CD as both Leslie West and Mountain went on recording albums in parallel.

My Leslie West & Mountain TOP3 :
1. Nantucket Sleighride (1971)
2. Climbing (1970)
3. Whatever Turns You On (1973)

My Leslie West & Mountain BOTTOM3 :
1. Theme (1988)
2. Go For Your Life (1985)
3. Blue Me (2006)


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