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Thursday, March 18, 2010



Second part of complete reup. This one has not been rouched at all. Simply because not enought time.
Funkdelic is one of the very most unusual bands, just because their music is. To my restricted knowledge, Funkadelic is the only band that mixes like that psychedelic rock and funk music.
I discovered Funkadelic by their epic song Maggot Brain and felt amazed how such a band could play such song. By discovering the rest of the discography, my surprise hadn't decrease. This (at least) 9-pieced band was really an orchestra making really rich funky music and the better was live, as often. The last Funkadelic album was recorded early in the 80s but are still touring, still led by George Clinton who either plays alone or with his 3 usual bands : Funkadelic, Parliament, P-Funk Allstars

My Funkadelic TOP3 :
1. Cosmic Slop (1973)
2. Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow (1971)
3. Hardcore Jollies (1976)


Anonymous said...

Ayah, how are you? Thanks for Funkadelic's repost!! Great Band! The problem is that Megaupload says that the file is temporarily unavailable could you please double check the upload?? Thank you in advance!! Your works are unique! Best Regards!! Jorge from Argentina!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

MU is sometimes unavailabie due to heavy traffic on the site. you just have to wait

Anonymous said...

et en plus une superbe pochette tiree de pop et rock et collegram
altos, aussi fan de bd