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Monday, March 8, 2010

M.D.K. (VAC#037)


As a new habit since the beginning of the year, SFP and I play some kind of game around a theme and it makes a Various Artists Compilation (VAC). This time, SFP didn't give me a word or a centense, but a picture. The one that makes the front cover of this BAISTOPHE. I then had to choose the theme. the two first to come were "murder" and "suicide". But I thought it was to easy to choose such themes. So I decided to go deeper in one of those themes by dealing with Mass murderes. This last theme was indeed a good idea but, due to the lack of time to make this selection, I had to drop it. I then put it aside and came back on the "Murderer" theme. This hasn't been really easy for me because I had to read all the lyrics of the songs I had to choose. With my very low english level, I must have kept some songs that are not necessarily corresponding to this theme. Anyway, the selection is done and I hope you'll like it. It's not a 100% metal selection to my great pleasure: I wanted it to be varied in the styles of music. I think I done the job.


Anonymous said...

Hello...What happened to Nick Cave???? Did an entire record entitled "Murder Ballads", capping off with O'Malleys Bar...Mayhem at it's finest!!! davek

Ayah Gagöhn said...


Nick Cave was the very first coming to my mind.

First because it was too easy and second because I didn't want to make double shot with a coming Baistophe, I chose not to include any of those songs. But it sure deserves it

Raven176 said...

Don't sell yourself short with the English language! You did a fine job.
As always.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this as usual an interesting and varied collection I enjoyed it a lot keep up the good work regards The Old Fool
ps the back cover looks like a shot from The Half Life game

Ayah Gagöhn said...

it might be ;-)