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Thursday, March 5, 2009

XTC (ABO #173)


In many ways, XTC are similar to The Beatles. Both bands have that typically British thing going on, both bands decided - at some point of their career - to stop playing live, both bands are undisputed masters of pop music... Really, it just is a shame XTC never got the huge chart success they deserved.
Their 12 albums all have enough gems so that I didn't have a choice but to display the band's finest tunes on a 3 cds set. Yeah, that's how good Partridge & co were! I even had to ignore the two Dukes of Stratosphear albums because there wasn't enough space to include it properly.
Here are 52 songs to catch up on this รด so sweet band, enjoy!

Making Plans for Nigel (1979)

The Mayor of Simpleton (1989)

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (1992)

My XTC Top 3
1 - Nonsuch (1982)
2 - Oranges & Lemons (1989)
3 - Skylarking (1986)

My XTC Bottom 3
1 - Go 2 (1978)
2 - Mummer (1983)
3 - White Music (1978)


hans de vente said...

thats me ,singing backup on its nearly africa

S.F.P. said...

And see me singing along to This is Pop? ^^

hans de vente said...

i am serious, check the sleeve
of english settlement

S.F.P. said...

Really? :)
Cool!!! ^^

julien said...

great ecstasy

KeeWee said...

Gidday Mate ... can only remember "Making Plans For Nigel" from XTC ... slight problem ... CD 2 needs a re-up please (CD 1 is fine) ... cheers