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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



So often compared with Magma, Univers Zero however belongs to the avant-garde scene (called Rock In Opposition, or RIO). The music is more tortured and sometimes less melodic. The approach of the listen is then very hard and may disturb a lot of people. This disturbance is amplified with the dark pessimistic atmosphere the music brings. So this is here a band that will not be easily subdued.
A Univers Zero Baistophe? What a surprising idea! that band never followed any commercial succes although they had a little one in that particular style of music and no one in the show business or in the record labels will have the idea to baistophe them. That's why we wanted to.
Caution: be prepared to listen an agressive and uneasy music, but if you take the time to appreciate it you will find it wonderful.
By this early 2009 year, UZ celebrate their 30th anniversary with an album called Relaps (archive 1984-1986). Nothing really new but great documents of the mid-80s for hardcore fans with live versions of great tracks like The Funeral Plain.

Extracts :

Toujours Plus A L'Est

My Univers Zero TOP3:
1. Uzed (1984)
2. Univers Zero (aka 1313) (1979)
3. The Hard Quest (1999)

My Univers Zero BOTTOM3:
1. Implosion (2004)
2. Ceux Du Dehors (1981)
3. Rhythmix (2002)


The Fabulous Hunting Rabbit said...

Jamais entendu parler de ces zygotos mais ça à l'air cocasse...

Je vais tenter l'expérience, tiens !

Merci les artistes ! +++

geemarcus said...

Brilliant! Thanks for this one, never heard them before! I was surprised to find something that reminded me both of Zappa and Elend.