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Monday, March 30, 2009



In the beginning, Gwendal was a pure celtic instrumental band. The majority of their best selling albums are from that period, up to En Concert. On that live album, though keeping the celtic sound, Gwendal became much more 80s fusion oriented. For over a decade, that new sound changed their audience while decreasing at the same time as the albums (Locomo and Danse La Musique) were not very well written... Fortunately, at the end of the 80s, Gwendal came back to his celtic roots producing fresher music and improving spectacularly until 2005's War-Raog which is, sadly, also their last release to date. Would they have gone a little further they could very well have produced one of their best efforts... Until that happens, we'll have to do with this great collection of instrumentals. Enjoy !

My Gwendal TOP3 :
1. Rainy Day (1976)
2. War Raog (2005)
3. Irish Jig (1974)

My Gwendal BOTTOM3 :
1. Danse La Musique (1985)
2. Locomo (1983)
3. Pan Ha Diskan (1995)

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