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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


25 FROM 5

Bauhaus are the founding fathers of goth rock, creating a minimalistic, overbearingly gloomy style of post-punk rock driven by jagged guitar chords and cold, distant synthesizers. Throughout their brief career, the band explored all the variations on their bleak musical ideas, adding elements of glam rock, experimental electronic rock, funk, and heavy metal. While their following has never expanded beyond a cult, they kept their cult alive well into the '90s, a full decade after they disbanded.
After Bauhaus' breakup, Murphy formed Dali's Car with Japan's Mick Karn and then pursued a solo career. Ash continued with Tones on Tail, a project he began in 1981; Kevin Haskins also joined the band after Bauhaus' split. J made some solo records and joined the Jazz Butcher briefly. Ash, Haskins, and J formed Love and Rockets in 1985 after a proposed Bauhaus reunion fell apart because Peter Murphy wasn't interested in the project. More than a decade later, however, with the careers of both Love and Rockets and Peter Murphy at a standstill, Bauhaus re-formed for several live dates in Los Angeles, mounting a full-blown tour in 1998 and finally releasing a new album.
Here's the best of this oh so influential and cult band, I hope you'll enjoy it.

She's in Parties

Hollow Hills

1 - Mask (1981)
2 - In That Flat Field (1980)
3 - Go Away White (2008)
4 - The Sky's Gone Out (1982)
5 - Burning from the Inside (1983)

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Anonymous said...

Merci pour ce Bauhaus magnifique. Sans doute, Peter Murphy aussi(quelle voix!!) mériterait-t-il son "Baistophe"... Sa carrière solo ne manque pas de perles.