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Thursday, March 19, 2009

RUINS (ABO #180)


Ruins is a Japanese experimental rock duo of drum set and electric bass guitar. The group, formed in 1985, was supposedly intended to be a power trio; the guitarist, however, never showed up to the band's first rehearsal, so the group remained a duo. The drummer is Tatsuya Yoshida and the group has featured four different bass players over its history.
The French progressive rock band Magma is the group's most important influence, to such an extent that Ruins' original lyrics are written and sung in an invented language which, at first glance, resembles Kobaïan, the language invented by Christian Vander of Magma. Ruins' material (which Yoshida, who composes the majority of their pieces, writes out in score form) is generally of extreme complexity and thus is often described as inaccessible - potential listeners may be bewildered by the band's unrestrained yet disciplined approach, or simply astounded by the visceral energy of the pair. In addition to the "prog rock" label, the group's music has also been described as "math rock" and "zeuhl." That said, Ruins' style has consistently evolved since the band's beginnings; this is often tied in with the bassist Tatsuya was collaborating with at the time.
Ruins have collaborated with several other musicians, including prominent avant-garde figure Derek Bailey, auteur guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Keiji Haino and Ground Zero alumnus Kazuhisa Uchihashi.
Sasaki Hisashi left the band in 2004, and since then Yoshida has been touring solo under the name Ruins alone.

(thanks to Pierre for the selection and upload!)



Richard said...

This is the first I've heard of 'Ruins', but, being a bass-player myself, I find the sound very interesting indeed - I shall certainly seek out whatever I can find of theirs for sale.

Thanks for a great share. :-)


epanou said...

bravo à Pierre et à toute l'équipe de cet excellent blog !
Habituellement , je ne suis pas fan du tout de compiles mais vos "baistophes" home made sont un bon moyen de découvrir les différentes facettes d'un groupe !
Je me permet de mettre un lien vers ce post sur notre blog :

KeeWee said...

Gidday mate ... would you re-up this one please ... CD1 ok but CD missing ... might be best if you did both as when I downloaded CD1 it said it was CD2 !!! ... cheers