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Saturday, March 7, 2009



I know I was waited for that part of the Pink Floyd cover project and I know no mistakes and no bad taste would be accepted. I know I can be hanged by the balls for that audacious artwork, but that made me so laugh!
However, everyone know that Dark Side Of The Moon is one of the most tributed albums. This is just another one... So many tributes to the Dark Side but a lot are forgettable: I have to mention an A capella version, a Jazz version, a Reggae version, a (good) bluegrass version, a lounge version, a female voices version, and many more as a version sung by children. It would have been so easy to make such a tribute, but the problem is, the more popular an album is the more stupid covers you find. And when it's not a stupid version, it's a so similar one that it does not have any interest (I first think of the Dream Theater version). So Dark Side, contrarily to what anyone would have expected, including me, was the most difficult PF tribute to compile. And even if I would not like difficulties, I also wanted the tacks to crossfade as the original ones do. Very uneasy for such different versions. But I made the crossfades and it seems to work out very fine for what could be the first side (until Money). After that, the tracks are so different from one another that you may feel uncomfortable with some transitions. I must apologize for it.


Raven176 said...

I laughed at that cover, a lot.
I always look forward to the Floyd cd's you put together.

Anonymous said...

Slaughter all holy cows! Nice artwork.


annmargretfan said...

I love your blog. I hope it doesn't have to go private like a lot of the great ones in the past have.

Raven176 said...

Just gave it a listen yesterday.
That's a great job. Considering how many different versions there are of these songs, you chose well.
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Nice one yet another great compilation loved the cover very funny already had some of these versions ie Blue Floyd and Easy All Stars.
I look forward to the next one cheers
The Old Fool

Anonymous said...

Very nice cover! And the covers too!!!
Btw.: Are you aware of the full cover from "Dream Theatre"?

Ayah Gagöhn said...

I am, but the versions are too close from the orginal ones