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Sunday, March 1, 2009



#055 ? Yes! After a long sightseeing of our beloved blog, we noticed that we had forgotten two # : 055 and 102, so we had to fill in the holes with our next baistophes...
Martin Circus was a french pop band that begun in 1969 with a live record called "En Direct Du Rock'n'Roll Circus" (not to be mistaken with Rolling Stones one). That clever light pop had some wind instruments in it making a far comparison with Soft Machine: Only the sound could be barely noticeable. The music was completely different, much more simple and much more fun-oriented. But it was great music! Their second album was their best selling and best album although it was a double LP. But by the year 1974, everything came wrong: success disappearing, the band became a fashion-following low-quality band that successively sounded glam-pop, then disco and even Rockabilly in the early 80s. Much better selling with singles and with french-translated covers of Barbara Ann, their most popular (but silly) and many others that were much sillier. So they had become old-fashioned and everyone was making fun of them forgetting their great early 70s period... Martin Circus rapidly fell into oblivion after a poor 1980 album until Gérard Blanc, one of the major members of the band hit the charts with a new single in the mid 80s. That had nothing at all to do with the glorious past as it was variety-pop song but that success made the band reunited in 1987, supporting Ange. The public was there for Ange and nothing more, insulting Martin Circus. They couldn't catch back their early success nor their glorious inspiration and vanished for good.
Early this year, we heard that singer Gérard Blanc passed away. Even if we knew he wasn't the greatest singer nor musician around, we wanted to pay tribute to what made his name. RIP.

My Martin Circus TOP3:
1. Acte II (1971)
2. En Direct du Rock'n'Roll Circus (1969)
3. Acte III (1973)

My Martin Circus BOTTOM3:
1. De Sang Froid (1980)
2. Drague Party (1977)
3. n°1 USA - Hits des 60s (1975)

Martin Circus made many many non-album singles. Not included in that TOP/BOTTOM


LapinChasseur said...

Well done.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Salut Lapin ;-)

Content que ça te plaise. Je croyais que ce baistophe ferait un flop

Lapin Chasseur said...

Le lapin aime bien la verdure! Ce cirque rockanrollien lui semble propice à quelques jolies touffes... ^^