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Saturday, March 21, 2009



It took quite a long time for Alain Bashung to finally meet success. From his debut in a cover band at the age of 16 to his first hit (Gaby Oh Gaby) his struggle lasted 16 years. He also had ups and downs but his numerous fans never turned their back on him.
Never the kind of man to sell his soul for a hit, his uncompromised peculiar art helped him build a cult success in his down phases to finally become a living legend of French rock & chanson in the early 90s. Each time one of his tracks hit the charts, it was not because it had been heavily promoted or fashioned "à la mode du jour" but because it was an outstanding track which met and touched audiences and touching, Bashung was indeed.
Some will argue that he's never been a great singer and that is true and is also part of his charm and unique personality. Seldom did a French singer manage to change style (from his early bluesy chanson to his chaotic new-wavey pop to finally something that can only be described as Bashung-styled) without ever losing himself.
On the 14th March 2009, Alain Bashung passed away. He had lung cancer. We will forever miss him.
Fortunately for us, the music remains. Here's a tribute from Baistophe to this great artist.

Madame Rêve

Ma Petite Entreprise

1 - Fantaisie Militaire (1998)
2 - Bleu Pétrole (2008)
3 - Osez Joséphine (1991)

1 - Romans-photos (1977)
2 - Roulette Russe (1979)
3 - Chatterton (1994)


Mark said...

Fallait bien que qq'un dise qqe chose! C'est super comme baistophe mais je comprends pas comment Chatterton n'est pas aussi top que Fantaisie militaire. Pourquoi ca?

S.F.P. said...

Pourquoi est-qu'on préfère la fraise à la banane, la montagne à la mer, la moto à la voiture, les femmes aux hommes ? Question de goût évidemment !
Maintenant, tu remarqueras que le code couleur attribue un vert clair à Chatterton ce qui signifie que c'est tout de même un fort bon album et, puisque il est dans le "bottom", souligne l'inouïe qualité de la discographie d'Alain.

Mark said...

Oui, peut-etre, un peu... mais c'est tellement souvent qu'on dit que Chatterton est bien moins bien que je me demandais si c'etait moi ou quoi. enfin...

Passons maintenant au grand Marcel Kanche: a quand le baistophe?

Et merci, d'ailleurs, pour tout ce que vous faites ici (et ailleurs, d'ailleurs...)