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Monday, October 12, 2009



I've got to be honnest. I've long been thinking that Pavlov's Dog had always made only three albums, from 1975 to 1977 and that their 1990 try with Lost In America, was just a mistake that no one would nowadays pay attention to.
My first mistake was that P'sD made another album in 1995 under the name of Pavlov's Dog 2000. This (a bit) silly name surely came from singer David Surkamp opposition to bear his loving band's name. David indeed wasn't a part of that band that most people will easily argue the legality. But for the simple reason that they were the only surviving Pavlov's Dog at that date, I have included that rare EP in this baistophe (and also because there was plenty of room left).
My second mistake was to have underestimate Lost In America. Although it's a forgettable album, it sure still has a couple of great songs that, even in 1990, reminds of the glorious past of the band.
"The Glorious Past". The word is a bit too strong for that one-hit wonder (who does not remember Julia ?). But the two first Pavlov's Dog LPs are just what any classic rock fan has to own.
How such a band, who finally fell rapidly in complete oblivion has managed to bring wonderful, ex-Yes, ex-King Crimson, drummer Bill Brufford? How such a band made two astonishing first Pop-Rock albums and couldn't sign any contract for their promissing third album so that this one had to be published as a bootleg, until it was officially released not long ago?
Maybe their Progressive Rock filiation which caught them much more problems in that Punk wave... Or maybe probably of David Surkamp voice which was very close to Rush's Geddy Lee, and finally was a bit too strange to catch a massive audience....
Pavlov's Dog reformed in 2004 for new gigs and it seems to really work fine!

My Pavlov's Dog TOP
1. Pampered Menial (1975)
2. At The Sound Of The Bell (1976)
3. Third (1977)
4. End Of The World {Pavlov's Dog 2000} (1995)
5. Lost In America (1990)

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