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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Isaac Hayes left us in 2008, leaving behind us a great collection of songs. Sadly, like too many other artists, Isaac Hayes is simply known for his planetary hit "Theme From Shaft". For having discovered everything beside since I decided to learn more about him, I realised that I had missed so much. From the song Help Me Love, later sampled by Portishead for their famous Glorybox, to his magnificent long plays, I never had much enjoyed listening an artist's first-listen!... and I think so many people are in that same case I was before really knowing Hayes' work. That's why you, who are not necessarily keen on black music, or you, who thought that the man was only famous for one song because he had done nothing as good beside, must give an ear to that baistophe to make up your mind. This compilation is trully a diamond, and not because I made it, but because this is true good music. I just have to tell you that from a basic tracklist I kept, I had to drop more than 3 hours of music to make this baistophe fit in 2 CDs!

My Isaac Hayes TOP3 :
1. Black Moses (1973)
2. Joy (1972)
3. Hot Buttered Soul (1969)

My Isaac Hayes BOTTOM3 :
1. U-Turn (1986)
2. And Once Again (1980)
3. Love Attack (1988)

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