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Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Christian Vander has always loved Jazz, from the beginning. His love for John Coltrane can hardly be argued. Vander never really stopped playing music, with his favourite instrument (drums) or the piano, an instrument he likes to use when he uses to sing. His side projects from Magma are very numerous and can hardly be compiled onto 2CDs but I thought this selection was one of the best to introduce his world. Of course, there are some side projects you won't find here for some reasons : first, I deliberately not included any VanderTop track as I think this will be part of my Jannick Top baistophe (to come). Second, I also dropped his very last project (a tour de chant, alone with his piano) because there are no official recording yet of that tour and I hadn't good enough bootleg material. And last, I also dropped from this baistophe one of his best side projects, Alien which can be considered like the Instrumental Magma, also because there aren't any official recordings too, but for some reason that are completely unexplainable, including by me, I included a bonus track from that band that you can find on Christian's site, even if you won't be able to burn this track on the two CDs that are reserved for this baistophe.

My Christian Vander TOP3 :
1. Fusion (1981)
2. To Love (1988)
3. 65! (1993)

My Christian Vander BOTTOM3 :
1. Fiesta In Drums (1973)
2. Les Cygnes Et Les Corbeaux (2002)
3. Les Voyages De Christophe Colomb (1993)


Florent said...

Merci beaucoup ! je passe tous les jours sur ton blog, félicitations

Rochacrimson said...

Simply fantastic,Ayah!
Superb compilation!
Thanks ;-)

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Merci Florent;

Thanks Rocha, happy to see you back ;-)

Zwenskaïa said...

Nan, mais vous êtes trop trop TROP les gars, j'hallucine grave!!!
Je ne sais que dire tellement je suis éblouie par tant d'idées et de réalisations génialissimes, c'est ïncrëdibeuhl beuht trüh!
Plein de bisous tiens...
(Bon, ben je vais peut-être lancer mon premier téléchargement alorsse!!! :)

S.F.P. said...

C'est gentil ça... ^^
Sache que nous sommes toujours à la recherche de nouveaux collaborateurs(trices) afin de continuer d'enrichir notre catalogue... ;)