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Sunday, October 25, 2009



Eno or to give him his full name Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno PHEW !
Known to many as simply Eno, so lets just call him that for now. Producer,Composer,arist,author
or man who has claimed to have drunk his own pee ! creator of ambient music, founder member of
70s Art/Glam band Roxy Music, inventor of Oblique Strategy cards, whatever that is.
I'm sure we all know something he has done, whether its an album by U2 he's produced or
when you used to load up your old PC with windows 95, yes he wrote that.
Music alone he is very prolific, whether collaberations or solo work or contributions
to other peoples albums.
These 2 sets are split into "instrumental" & "Vocal" work and pull from all
stages of his career and aside from solo work and includes selections form work
he has done with others, for more info on that see notes in file.
I have used as a starting point the two box sets Vocal & instrumental ( sadly no longer available)
but have also but have also chosen some from my surprisingly extensive Eno collection which
I felt were worthy of inclusion, I have included some selections from albums released since
after the box sets, to bring it up to date.
Despite listening to Eno since his Roxy days, I am still surprised by the variety of his music,
from the punk guitar playing of Robert Fripp to the gentle sound of his ambient work.
Hope you enjoy it.


shadreck said...

An excellent selection. Thanks for this great compilation.

Rochacrimson said...

Superb collection by a great genius!
Thanks :-)

Dave Bush said...

I just noticed - you've used the photo montage I created for the back cover of the vocal set.

Steven said...

This looks great,but what's the password to open the files?


Steven said...

I should have looked a little further down on the page...Again,looks to be a very nice compilation.I have much of Eno's work already but this would make for a nice overview to enjoy & pass along

Paul said...

Mon Dieu! It was just yesterday evening that I was thinking about suggesting a BAISTOPHE of Brian Eno's work! No joke!

Merci bien for reading my thoughts before I even have them...


Ayah Gagöhn said...

thanks to TT indeed to have made such a beautiful work. he's a good recrue!

Anonymous said...

It even has "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - WOW!
Thank you...!

Chico picante jr said...

Fantastic set! Thanks!