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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Another Great Post from TT


If if you are not familier with Jorge Ben, you will know “Mas Que Nada” from debut album “Samba Esquema Novo” a hit for fellow Brazilian Sergio Mendez and covered by several artists, indeed Sergio revisited it with the Black Eyed Peas for A Nike ad. You will also find something very familiar about “ Taj Mahal” Rod Stewart purloined it for his “ Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” hit Jorge won the subsequent plagiarism case.

You will hear several styles of Brazilian music when you listen to Jorge, from Bossa Nova to Tropicala

Jorge also found influences outside Brazil, exploring his African roots and even Disco, which of course had in itself had a Brazilian influence.

Jorge Ben changed later changed his name to Jorge Ben Jor, apparently some of his royalties were finding their way to George Benson !

Jorge Ben Jor is still very active today, but for me his music got less interesting as the 70s progressed and whilst the late 70s albums all have something of note, it was a case of diminishing returns and I didn’t keep track of him after 70s.

This two CDs cover him at his peak form 1963 – 1976.

So make yourself a Caprina sit back and enjoy

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George said...

An absolutely brilliant compilation of a fantastic artist at his best. Great work TT and BAISTOPHE.