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Saturday, October 17, 2009



Initially compiled by French magazine Vibrations as the ultimate James Brown experience, The Soul Experience is not a baistophe per se. Many of James hits' are missing or in versions that differ from the most known version so much that they could be considered new songs altogether. So, what you're having here is some badass proto-funk from the Godfather himself, music that smells of semen, blood and sweat and which will rock your socks off. A must hear.


planckzoo said...

This looks boss. Bring on the Funk! James Brown always had a great band, I love this music.

kingpossum said...

OK, so I was disappointed that Jim Carroll didn't get the Baistophe treatment when he passed, but hey, here's the Godfather of Funk. All is well.

(Somehow, someway, I will eventually get you my Herman Brood have no idea how perfect your "Ciao" artwork is for it.)

Lastly, I have no particular love for Muse but the Baistophe you did on them is excellent to my ear.


Anonymous said...

There isnt a 2CD compilation that could do JAmes Brown justice, best thing is to come at it with an "angle" such as "FUNK" "SOUL" "INSTRUMENTALS" PRODUCTIONS" "LIVE" etc or this one, a nice twist and I will be adding it to my Collection of Mr. Browns work. nice one.
Now let the drummer get funky :)


kingpossum said...

Great observation, Anonymous, on Mr. Brown. And I share your feeling about this Baistophe comp. It's a great listen that gives you the essence without being obvious.

Takes a deft ear to do that with any artist, but especially one as ubiquitous as James Brown. Kudos.