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Saturday, August 8, 2009



Prejudices are a bit too scathing in this low World. Talk about Southern Rock, anyone could think of the Rebs flag, racism or even the KKK. That's not all true. Lynyrd Skynrd were usually (and still are) embossed because of their hit single Sweet Home Alabama, while this song his just a song made to break those prejudices. Allman Brothers Band had not that kind of problem. First because they had a much more peaceful identity, and second, because they had a black member.
Beside, ABB music sounds very like LySky ones, but much more jazzy and aventurous. Gregg Allman's voice is just the twin brother to Ronnie Van Zant's.
By the way, I really prefer ABB's discography, much more inventive and, contrary to Lynyrd Skynyrd, their come back in the 90s really caught the initial spirit. This is a 3CD set, I couldn't make better.

My ABB's TOP3 :
1. Live At Filmore* (1971)
2. Eat A Peach (1972)
3. Hittin' The Note (2003)

1. Reach For The Sky (1980)
2. Seven Turn (1991)
3. Brothers Of The Road (1981)

(*) = This live album is a bit like a studio album, like mostly any live Allman Brothers album of the 70s, because it features plenty of new songs at that day.


Vaughn said...

Being an American fan of both Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd I know it is easy to lump them together, but there is not a tremendous amount of crossover in my mind.
First, Gregg Allman is one of the greatest blues singers I've ever heard and when it comes to the improvisational skills, the Allmans stand head and shoulders above any of the other "Southern Rock" bands out there, Skynyrd included.
The Allman Brothers Band invented "Sothern Rock" but they really are their own animal, much like Led Zeppelin when it comes to pidgeon-holing them into a "Hard Rock" category. Both bands fit, yet they don't fit.
By the way, the song, "Seven Turns", should be on this comp and you've spelled the song "Little Martha" as "Little Marsha" on your otherwise wonderful album art.
PS. Repost SISTERS OF MERCY please.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

As you might have guessed, this was pretty hard to compile. At the beginning, I had to fill in only 2 CDs but I haven't been able to. So 3 CDs. Even on 3 CDs have I had difficulties and had to drop songs. Seven Turns is one of them. If you feel it be much more in its place here, you can switch another song you feel not better (I hop my english is ggod enough because I really believe this last sentence is quite ununderstandable).

By the way, I do agree with you for the big gap between ABB and Lysky. I just wanted to tell how people compare them while ABB's music is much more "finished".

For Sisters Of Mercy, the Re-up is to be made soon, just keep watching the "last updates" box on the right, the new link will appear as soon as it is updated.

Vaughn said...

Merci for the Sisters of Mercy!
I love this blog, it is one of the best on the net, especially for one with diverse tastes in music.
Keep up the exceptional work!