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Thursday, August 13, 2009



Songwriter Chris Isaak clearly loves the reverb-laden rockabilly and country of Sun Studios. In particular, he transfers the sweeping melancholy of Roy Orbison's classic Monument singles ("Crying," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "In Dreams") to the more stripped-down, rootsy sound of Sun, resulting in a stylized take on '50s and '60s rock & roll that made him into a star in the early '90s, propelled to a great degree by the hit single "Wicked Game."

Isaak began performing after he graduated from college, forming the rockabilly band Silvertone. The group, which featured guitarist James Calvin Wilsey, bassist Rowland Salley, and drummer Kenney Dale Johnson, would become the singer/guitarist's permanent supporting band. Isaak released his first album, Silvertone, on Warner Bros. in 1985. It was critically well received yet failed to sell well. Two years later, he released the self-titled Chris Isaak, which managed to scrape into the Top 200 album charts. After its release, the singer began an acting career with a bit part in Jonathan Demme's 1988 film Married to the Mob; he would later have parts in Wild at Heart, The Silence of the Lambs, and A Dirty Shame, as well as starring in his own situation comedy series for the Showtime cable network.

Released in 1989, Heart Shaped World initially sold more than Chris Isaak, yet it didn't manage to break big until late 1990, when the single "Wicked Game" was featured in David Lynch's Wild at Heart. Soon, the single became a Top Ten hit; the album also made it into the Top Ten and sold over a million copies. Both 1993's San Francisco Days and 1995's Forever Blue mined essentially the same vein as Heart Shaped World, yet both went gold and spawned a handful of hits. In 1996, Isaak released The Baja Sessions; Speak of the Devil followed two years later. Isaak's busy touring schedule and growing visibility as an actor kept him out of the recording studio until 2002, when he released Always Got Tonight, though in 2004 he did find time to cut his first seasonal album, Chris Isaak Christmas, which featured five new Yuletide tunes along with a batch of holiday favorites. The musician once again flexed his TV muscles in 2009 with The Chris Isaak Hour, whose debut on The Biography Channel was promoted in part by Mr. Lucky, his first album of original material in seven years.

Here's "Baistophe" view of the finest of Isaak's works on two Cd's, one for the gentle side, the other for the rock songs. Enjoy.

mStanzas' CHRIS ISAAK Top 3
1 - Heart Shaped World (1989)
2 - Forever Blue (1995)
3 - Speak The Devil (1998)

mStanzas' CHRIS ISAAK Bottom 3
1- Always Got Tonight (2002)
2- San Francisco Days (1993)
3- Mr. Lucky (2009)

(Selection & rip by mStanzas / upload & artwork by S.F.P.)


Vaughn said...

Great compilation, merci!
The self-titled, 2nd album, is finest(and most rocking)record.
Also, I really like SAN FRANCISCO DAYS, and it certainly wouldn't be in my bottom three.
Furthermore, his Christmas album is one of the better ones out there.
Important related note: Rowland Salley, Chris' bassist wrote a great song called, "Killing The Blues", that has been covered by many. Most recently it was done by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on their RAISING SANDS release.
Lastly, Chris is a fantastic live performer, with a wonderful, self-deprecating wit.

Stéphane - Mstanzas said...

Hello !

Even if S.F.D is in my bottom three, I really like it too ! Furthermore, I like all Chris Isaak albums... So, it's not really a bottom !

Christmas album is a very special disk... for a very special moment ! I decided not to include songs from this album... How and where in this best of ?
Maybe we'll make a special edition for Christmas ! lol

I saw Chris Isaak twice in Montpellier (France). You're right: he is a fantastic live performer and a very nice man, inviting the public on stage (I remember my excitation during Diddley Daddy (last song of the show) and taking his time to meet fans at the end of the show !
Hope to see him (and his fantastic band) this year (or in 2010) in France...

Thanks for talking about Rowland Salley ! :-) Love "Killing the blues" too...

Laughing... :

Stéphane (mStanzas)

Vaughn said...

PS. The live Aussie songs, are they from a legitimate release or a bootleg? I've never seen it in the USA.

S.F.P. said...

Live in Australia is a 2008 live album by American rock musician Chris Isaak. The album was recorded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006. (source: Wikipedia)
I hope that helps... ;)

Anonymous said...

this song reminds me of chris isaak songs...Thanks for sharing your music with us...