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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Another great lost talent of rock history. Alain Markusfeld is a marvelous guitarist who made several albums in the seventies but dropped out of business in the early 80s due to a lack of interest to his music. The man didn't even found his audience in his home country, France. His albums are great and gained cult status among most litterate music connoisseur.
From his very beginning with his band Trust (not to be mistaken with French hard rock band Stefan have baistophed some months ago), everyone had witnessed his great talent as an instrumentalist. From electric to acoustic, the guitar seemed to be one with the man. With albums like Platock or Contemporus which feature some great instrumental tunes and great suites like Mike Oldfied could (or should) have done, Markusfeld seems to have a second chance in the blogosphere. Like Gentle Giant for England, Alain Markusfeld may be one of the most underrated French musicians of all time.
Sadly, I've been unable to find any sample of his music so, you'll have to trust me and download this very best stuff to judge for yourself, I'm quite sure you will not be disappointed.

My Alain Markusfeld TOP
1. Platock (1978)
2. Contemporus (1979)
3. Le Désert Noir (1977)
4. Le Son Tombé Du Ciel (1971)
5. Live (1981)
6. Le Monde En Etage (1970)
7. Le Mutant (1970, w Trust)

(another great post by Ayah!)


julien said...

Géniale cette idée d'un hommage au grand Alain
Keep on bloggin'

Alain said...

Many thanks for all of this! Few more informations for you: I never had the band named Trust.It was my friend Jean Schultheis's one.I played with them once on one tune of Le Mutant if I remember.
All the best

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for these excellent compilations, jjp

Tagore said...

Could you upload the link on rapidshare? I have some server problems because of megaupload..

Kapiti said...

Samples ... don't need them ... you said the magic words for me - instrumentalist ... looking forward to hearing his music when download finally finishes ... might have extreme difficulty finding any of his albums thought !!!