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Friday, August 28, 2009

TOTO (ABO #261)


Baistophing Toto ? What's the point ? Hasn't this band been compiled to death since forever ? Exactly, and that IS the point. Toto is one of the most underrated bands in their own country, USA, and one of the most known but overlooked in Europe. Overlooked mainly because of all those best-ofs growing like mushrooms in a rainy forest. Since the first official best-of, the infamous "Past to Present" (which included some inedits the band didn't want to get released in the first place), we may have seen some 7 or 8 different Toto compilations, one of them even being a triple CD, and all of them tried to outcast the previous ones as the dullest best-of ever.
That's the kind of situation where Baistophe has to come to the rescue. Here you'll find excerpts from ALL albums, including Dune, XX and Through the Looking Glass. You'll find no Rosanna, no I'll Be Over You, no 99, in fact not much of what you might know from Toto. This doesn't mean those were not good songs ; but Toto badly needed a compilation that could show all they could do : ballads of course, but also prog rock, jazz rock, instrumentals, huge work on synthesizers and orchestral arrangements, blending of many singers, fierce guitar solos from Steve Lukather... It's all in there. This compilation might disappoint you, as well as it could enthrill you ; point is, if you really liked what you've heard, you will still have all of their "hits" to (re)discover. Give it a chance, maybe this band is not what you think they are.

My TOTO Top 3
1) Kindgom of desire (1992)
2) Isolation (1984)
3) Toto (1978)

My TOTO Bottom 3
1) Fahrenheit (1986)
2) Hydra (1979)
3) Tambu (1995)

.................................(We asked him not to, he did it anyway and he did it good, thanks to Baker for another tasty "baistophe"!)

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