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Monday, May 19, 2008



Lynyrd Skynyrd's name is taken from the members' sport teacher Leonard Skinner but pronounced as it is in the deep south (pronounced 'Leh Nérd Skin Nérd'). The band is the major southern rock band to have emerge even if it is not (so far) my favourite one. The reason is that "Sweet Home Alabama" made a big hit. The story of this song has to be told for those who are not aware. Everything begins in 1970 when canadian singer/song-writer Neil Young sings a song called 'Southern Man'. In that song, Young criticize southern people to have not evoluate since the 1862 war between the north and the south. He tells that in the deep south there are still a lot of racist people. 'Sweet Home Alabama' is a kind of an answer to Neil Young, but they did it awkwardly with a haty 'Well, I hope Neil Young will remember / A Southern man don't need him around anyhow'. Since then the Lynyrd Skynyrd is considerated as a racist band particularly when they feature the southern banner, a huge sign of esclavagism support. However if I don't like that song for that reason, I had to put it in this baistophe.
After a plane crash in 1977 that killed 3 of the major members, Lynyrd Skynyrd disbanded until 1989 when a new line-up was united to continue the adventure of the kings of southern rock. But the music was more like a Country-Rock than Southern Rock...

My Lynyrd Skynyrd TOP3 :
1. Pronounced 'Leh Nérd Skin Nérd' (1973)
2. Nuthin' Fancy (1975)
3. The Last Rebel (1993)

My Lynyrd Skynyrd BOTTOM3 :
1. Christmas Time Again (2000)
2. Legend (1989)
3. Twenty (1997)


Anonymous said...

Fabuleux groupe !
Du bon sudiste qui tue !
Merci !

Ayah Gagöhn said...

De rien spartacus, le plaisir est partagé

Anonymous said...

Good compilation track selection- however you assessment of the American South and Skynyrd in particular is WAy off-base. The song "Sweet Home Alabama" is more a parody of stereotypes - mainly digging at Canadian Neil Young's lack of understanding of southern ways. Ther is NO racism present in any Skynyrd songs (I defy you to find an example) and in fact they are from Florida anyway (further proof the song is parody). The confederate flag is viewed by southerners as a symbol of CULTURAL divide w/ northerners (yankees) not a racial one. Hope this sets things straingt...otherwise you have a brilliant blog! Keep up the good work.

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Exactly !

The trouble is there ! Those southern symbols may be mistaken by many people, may they be for or against racism !

I have no problem with that. I do like both Young and Skynyrds?

Anonymous said...

Check this link out for a very complete look at this great rock'n'roll "feud"

Too bad Mr Van Zandt didn't live long enough to realize his full greatness rather that just being remembered as that "dead redneck from Skynyrd". They were without a doubt one of the USA's great rock'n'roll bands - especially their live show!

Ayah Gagöhn said...

Really great link indeed.

I do believe both skynyrd and Young are close friends since then.

Anonymous said...

Problèmes avec le download 2. Gracias de ante mano.

Anonymous said...

Le lien du download 3 ne s'ouvre pas non plus.

Anonymous said...

Y'a plus problème là dis-donc! Muchas gracias.