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Monday, August 10, 2009


THE MINK YEARS, 1977-1985

First of two volumes of Baistophe's homage to Mr. Willy DeVille. This one covers the Mink DeVille years, the next will span his solo career.
I cannot express how saddened I was when I learned Willy's death. He will be missed.
Here's a biography I lazily took from Wikipedia:
Willy DeVille (August 27, 1950 - August 6, 2009) was an American singer and songwriter. First with his band Mink DeVille (1974–1985) and later on his own, DeVille in his 35-year career created songs that are wholly original yet rooted in traditional American musical styles. DeVille worked with collaborators from across the spectrum of contemporary music.
Mink DeVille was a house band at CBGB, the historic New York City nightclub where punk rock was born in the mid-1970s. DeVille helped redefine the Brill Building sound. During the 1980s, continuing to make a diverse variety of music, he sang the song "Storybook Love" in the movie The Princess Bride, for which he is most well-known. After his move to New Orleans in 1988, he helped spark the roots revival of classic New Orleans R&B. His soulful lyrics and explorations in Latin rhythms and sounds have helped define a new musical style sometimes called "Spanish-Americana". Jack Nitzsche said that DeVille was the best singer he had ever worked with.
Critic Robert Palmer wrote about him in 1980, "Mr. DeVille is a magnetic performer, but his macho stage presence camouflages an acute musical intelligence; his songs and arrangements are rich in ethnic rhythms and blues echoes, the most disparate stylistic references, yet they flow seamlessly and hang together solidly. He embodies (New York's) tangle of cultural contradictions while making music that's both idiomatic, in the broadest sense, and utterly original."
Doc Pomus, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member with whom he penned several songs, wrote about him, "DeVille knows the truth of a city street and the courage in a ghetto love song. And the harsh reality in his voice and phrasing is yesterday, today, and tomorrow—timeless in the same way that loneliness, no money, and troubles find each other and never quit for a minute."
Critic Mark Keresman wrote about Willy DeVille, "In some respects, DeVille is the rock & roll counterpart to Sinatra—both can rock, both stared down personal demons, both are capable of rousing memories sweet and sad, and both can navigate the mean streets with panache before winding up on Lonely Avenue at daybreak."
DeVille died from pancreatic cancer in the early hours of August 6, 2009 in a New York hospital. He was 58 years old.
Some may notice the absence of any track from 1985's Sporting Life, I've tried to include at least one but this album is just not good (mainly ruined by cheesy arrangements) so I decided to concentrate on the other works of the terrific band Mink DeVille was.

1 - Coup de Grace (1981)
2 - Le Chat Bleu (1980)
3 - Cabretta (1977)
4 - Where Angels Fear to Tread (1983)
5 - Return to Magenta (1978)

6 - Sportin' Life (1985)


lixue said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Being visited this site for a while and have to say its a great concept, brilliantly realised, with great selection of songs,great artwork and passionate and informative notes.
The Mink De Ville is SUBERB, looking forward to the solo one.
that said its a shame that the same attention to detail is given to tagging, a few errors on this one.
Minor quibble. Keep Up the GREAT work.

I have a few ideas for compilations, but would I have to do the artwork as well ??


Ayah Gagöhn said...

@TT : Do what you can. We will be glad you participate to this blog. As we like very much to do the artwork we can be looking after it.

What kind of baistophe would you do ?

Anonymous said...

I have a few in mind.
Jorge Ben
Os Mutantes
Neil Young
Van Morrison
Big Star
Gram Parsons
Gene Clarke
Pogues/Shane MacGowan/nips
Sonic Youth
Husker Du
Southern Soul
Willie Nelson
Merle Haggard
Waylon Jennings
Velvet Underground
Krautrock/Kosmiche Music
Pre Pet Sounds Beach Boys
Post Pet Sounds Beach Boys
Doo Wop
Surf Music
Christy Moore
70s Irish Folk
Gratefull Dead
Jerry Garcia
Lucinda Williams
Best of the Brill Building writers
Nick Lowe/Brinzley Swartz
Captain Beefheart
Tim Buckley

Some of these may have been done, I could go on, I also have some ideas also for other themes/genres.

If any of this seem interesting let me know

of the ones on your request list i could do

MoTT the Hoople
Dr. John
Steely Dan
Bob Marley
Fairport Convention (also Sandy Denny & Richard Thompson)
Bob Dylan

I think they dylan (and others like Young and Morrison) could be done in stages, maybe 60s, 70s etc.

Ayah Gagöhn said...


Just ... WELCOME ABOARD guy !

Just to warn you :
Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk have already been treated.

And Grateful Dead is on the road (but maybe you can make a double post with me, i would treat the studio albums and you would make the live albums ?
Also, the Pogues will be looked after by Stefan.

For the others, I'm just impressed that we didn't think of at least half of what you wrote. So that's why I told you "WELCOME". Because, if you want, you are now a regular member of this very blog.
I just need your email address to invite you so that you will write your posts yourself ! Also it would be nice it be a MSN address to be able to chat about what you and we are doing.

S.F.P. said...

Also, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Husker Du, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan (the last two should have been removed from our list) are in the works.
Otherwise, like Ayah said, welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...
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Feelgood said...

Excellent completion.

But for exemple in a quick listing track 4 is not Cadillac Walk Track 5 is not Spanisch Stroll

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tribute(s) to Willy DeVille. Much appreciated. I first caught him in his early days as a nice addition to the likes of Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, etc. I can't say I've religiously followed him all these years, but I know he was out there, performing and recording. Good taste is timeless. I look forward to listening and enjoying your WD compilations. Thanks again for the efforts.

Nothing in lemon said...

Je me permets de suggérer un petit blog très sympa:


Anonymous said...

Always excellent stuff, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Track 4 is " Can't Do Without It"
Track 5 is " Cadillac Walk"

Spanish Stroll is missing.


S.F.P. said...

I'll correct the mistake and update the link as soon as I can. Thanks for telling me.

Anonymous said...

Well done comp...but sporting life is a great album to.
Willy...what a human being!

Loren said...

I'd seen Willy DeVille's music posted on several sites, but didn't know that he had passed away. Thanks for the sad news. Willy never received the commercial success that his music was worth, but then commercial success usually means compromise and Willy stayed true to his vision (notwithstanding Sporting Life). He will be missed. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.