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Tuesday, August 4, 2009



Baistophing Jean Michel Jarre was quite a hard task, but also a
delight. Son of the great, late Award-Winning composer Maurice Jarre, Jean Michel was raised amongst the pioneers of "concrete music", studying the art of sound processing and experimental music with master Pierre Schaeffer. He was instantly raised on worldwide fame with his first "true" album Oxygene, selling millions of copies. In 1977 Playboy Magazine named him "musical outstanding of 1976". Its follow-up Equinoxe
was also a hit, and while recording successful albums, Jarre also became the breaker of world records with his astonishing outdoors live performances, peaking at La Defense on Bastille Day 1990 with more than 2.5 million people.

But Jarre, especially in France, is overtly overlooked by many, considering his music cheesy and his career based seemingly upon the success of Oxygene alone. This double-CD Baistophe is meant to prove wrong (as far as it can). The tracks have been carefully edited and mixed together to build a real "new" Jarre record, not unlike his 5.1 compilation "Aero" but exploring each and every album from Les Granges
Brulées to the dance-floor-driven Teo & Tea. Some rare live performances of Jarre classics have been included, as well as four never before released tracks or remixes. You might think Jarre is just the Oxygen man, or merely a new-age keyboardist from distant past, but this double album keeps some unexpected twists that could broaden your opinions about the man who invented alone the so-called "French touch" in
electronic music."

Thanks to Baker and Kaworu for this great selection

Baker's JMJ TOP3 :
1- Zoolook
2- Equinoxe
3- Métamorphoses

My Ben Harper BOTTOM3 :
1- Session 2000
2- Les Granges Brûlées
3- Teo & Tea


Anonymous said...

Despite what you state, JMJ has always been a light weight and capable of little more than muzak.Sure,he's composed and recorded some memorable pieces,but so has a lot of others.Travelling in elevators and shopping in malls has become more enjoyable because of him.

S.F.P. said...

Un peu pédant le commentaire d'introduction de ta compil, Bakouze... Mais pour répondre à l'anonyme de l'étage du dessus, je dirai :
"Anonymous, try the compilation before judging it. JMJ might be waiting room music, I trust Baker has selected some very fine music and crafted a worthy compilation"

Anonymous said...

A superb selection of tracks there! As a devote JMJ fan, I didn't expect to find anything of interest, but there are some wonderfully obscure versions of some tracks. I love the version of Akropolis.

JMJ revolutionised my musical tastes, and introduced me to a whole new world of music. Even after all these years, I really love his music.