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Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Originally, the Sweet were called the Sweetshop and consisted of Brian Connolly (vocals), Mick Tucker (vocals, drums), Frank Torpey (guitar), and Steve Priest (bass). In 1970, the group truncated their name to Sweet and signed a record contract with Fontana/EMI, releasing four unsuccessful singles. Sweet signed to RCA Records in 1971, where they were placed under the direction of songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. During this time, Sweet were writing their own B-sides and album tracks. All of the group's compositions were harder than Chinn and Chapman's songs, featuring crunching hard rock guitars. Consequently, the duo decided to write tougher songs for the group. "Blockbuster," the first result of Chinn and Chapman's neo-glam rock approach, was the biggest hit Sweet ever had in the U.K. For the next two years, Sweet continued to chart with Chinn and Chapman compositions, including the Top Ten hits "Hell Raiser," "Ballroom Blitz," "Teenage Rampage," and "The Six Teens."

By the summer of 1974, the members of Sweet had grown tired of the control Chinn and Chapman exerted over their career and decided to record without the duo. By the end of the 70s, the group continued to churn out albums, which were all less successful than their predecessor. Sweet bounced back into the charts in 1978 with "Love Is Like Oxygen," but the single proved to be their last gasp.

Connolly left the band after "Love Is Like Oxygen" and the group replaced him with keyboardist Gary Moberley. The group carried on for three more years, releasing three more albums that all achieved little success. After several years of little success or attention, Sweet broke up in 1982. (Source : AMG)

1. Man From Mecca
2. Blockbuster
3. The Ballroom Blitz
4. The Six Teens
5. Medussa
6. Man With The Golden Arm
7. Set Me Free

8. Sweet F.A.
9. AC/DC
10. Cockroach
11. Keep It In
12. Action
13. Lost Angels
14. She Gimme Lovin'
15. Hard Times
16. Funk It Up (David's Song)
17. Love Is Like Oxygen
18. Anthem No.2

My Sweet TOP3 :
1. Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)
2. Desolation Boulevard (1974)
3. Off The Record (1976)

My Sweet BOTTOM3 :
1. Identity Crisis (1982)
2. Funny How Sweet Coco Can Be (1971)
3. Water's Edge (1980)

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