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Tuesday, July 8, 2008



Jean-Jacques Goldman has been so many criticized that we* had to give him one last chance. His lack of popularity abroad (from France) can be explained by the french languaged songs and a will not to go on tour for too long nor too far away. He began playing and singing in prog band Taï Phong but wanted to write songs for other people. While anyone wanted to sing him and as the band broke up in the late 70s, he decided to sing his own songs. So, from a talented prog guitarist, Jean-Jacques Goldman turned into a pop singer. The success came rapidly within his country, his public being mostly feminine. Indeed, his song are really poppy and and often very light (in France, we call it "guimauve").
However, even if Goldman has made some easy girlsy songs, I must admit some of them caught my interest, to begin with Rouge, a huge left-winged prog song featuring the Red Army Choir
* I, in fact, because the other members haven't supported me to make this baistophe...

Extracts :
Il Suffira


My Jean-Jacques Goldman TOP3 :
1. En Passant (1997)
2. Frederiks Goldman Jones (1990)
3. Rouge (1993)

My Jean-Jacques Goldman BOTTOM3 :
1. Chanson Pour Les Pieds (2002)
2. Positif (1984)
3. Entre Gris Clair Et Gris Foncé (1987)


mpop said...

My TOP3 is the same as yours, except En passant was published in 1997 and not 1995. These are definitely Goldman's greatest. En passant is almost perfect, Fredericks Goldman Jones has many a good piece, and Rouge is quite good (though I must admit that I don't like it as much as the other two).

I don't really like his his pop chanson period in the 80s. There are a few great songs, and I would keep the following songs:
- Veiller tard;
- Pas toi;
- Filles faciles;
- Je commence demain;
- Il y a;
- Peur de rien Blues.
(I'm really fond of Veiller tard.)

Ayah Gagöhn said...

You're right, En Passant is from 1997. The mistake is over now.

And I notice that what you say is quite close to what I'm thinking.

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moussarazé said...

Quel bon travail, excellent blog, je l'ai moi aussi mis dans mes favoris!

Anonymous said...

I first heard of Jean-Jacques in 1987, when a new flat-mate moved into my house. He was from France and the "Entre Gris claire et gris fonce" album was one of his favorites and I came to really love this album, especially the title track and the song called "la bas". I speak very little french (tiny, basic high-school level of french that i learned at school in the UK) but I still enjoyed the songs, with a little helpful translation of the lyrics from my flat-mate.

thank you for posting this compilation, it is nice to hear some of Jean-Jacques' other work.